Tips On How To Avoid Internet Online Marketing Struggles

Much that we talk of online marketing, there are some major issues that marketers will have to deal with in internet marketing. The following are the bottlenecks:
  • Working around Artificial Intelligence
  • Blurring lines between the real and digital worlds
  • Most businesses will have to shell out more money for organic social marketing
  • The world is becoming personalized and marketers will have to take cognizance of this phenomenon when tailoring their marketing communication
  • The humungous amounts of data available can only give answers to the questions we ask of it, it cannot generate conclusions or give insights
  • The lines between apps and websites are blurring which will change everything marketers know about website building and SEO
  • Technology evolves at an exponential scale but most of us are linear learners
Thus, we have seen the challenges that internet online marketers will have to face in the years to come. These issues overwhelm marketers from using internet as an online marketing channel.

How to Overcome the Above Challenges

However, one needs to know three things about online marketing:
  1. Everyone feels overwhelmed when they first start marketing online
  2. Everyone is scared that they do not have the right skillset
  3. Everyone feels directionless and disoriented about what to do next

What is More....

Internet Online Marketing Works and It is Worth Studying How

It will have to be said that online marketing does work and that too with a vengeance. Many successful online marketers were overwhelmed with the medium when they started their journey in the field. Some spent two years learning the ropes, some more. Still some others are still groping for support even after five years. However, it has to be said that while one wanders on the internet, one learns a lot about the internet as a medium and learns about himself or herself as an individual. Most importantly, one learns how this medium can be put to use for making a living.

Focus Focus and Focus

When one first starts his or her journey in the field of online marketing, he or she is ambushed with a lot of information about business opportunities, ebooks, courses and various opportunities of making and/or losing money in the field. The onus is on you to shut out the clutter and concentrate on what you wish to achieve. This requires dedicated and diligent focus. When trying a hand at online marketing, one should pick one business and pick up one strategy to implement online for marketing one’s product or service.

Go at Your Own Pace

Every individual has a different pace of assimilating information from the internet. So, if you have just learnt how to switch on the computer, do not expect to become an internet marketing guru in one night. Your feeling of overwhelm in seeing words like WordPress, autoresponders, Facebook pages, article marketing, SEO and PPC. Is normal. Additionally, you need to understand that you are at an advantage as compared to learners earlier. This is because they did not have the benefit of video based tutorials in the subject. So, instead of throwing in the towel by saying, “I’ll never get it”, cultivate a can do attitude by promising yourself that you will learn this new tool of marketing and that too in-depth.


Thus, we have seen the struggles of internet online marketing and how to overcome the same.