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We are in the habit of taking everything for granted. But what we don't realise is, not everything stays with us for long as we want. Some people experience this in the form Arthritis. It is one of the most common diseases which overpower our ability of swift movement. Arthritis affects your joints when we start experiencing pain in our knees, hips and other joints all over our body. In simple words, arthritis is the inflammation of our joints. 

As in this present scenario most of us suffering from Arthritis, every one of us in our day to day life met with a lot of Arthritis patients either in our own family or friends or neighbors. Most of us are regular patients of some Rheumatologists and regularly taking medicines in this regard.

Dandelion Leaves

Dandelion leaves are highly useful for arthritis patients as it repair damaged tissue & help liver to detoxifying blood. It contains Vitamins A and C as well as it has anti-inflammatory properties due to linoleic acid. Linoleic is a fatty acid essential for the body that produce prostaglandin,which regulates immune responses and suppresses inflammation. One can consume it as a salad, or brew tea. One can also take it as 1 teaspoon of dried or 3 teaspoons of fresh leaves with 1 cup of boiling water.


Ginger root is a herb mostly considered as super food. Ginger has a long history in the Arabic, Indian and the Arabic medicine to not only treat arthritis but also other diseases such as heart conditions, diarrhoea, colic and nausea. So, without any doubt, you can add ginger to your menu on a daily basis. Ayurveda recommends using ginger with a mixture of few other substances to cure arthritis. 

  • Grind 6 teaspoons of dried ginger with equal amounts of caraway seed powder and 3 teaspoons powder of black pepper. Take this mixture with water, thrice daily to reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Applying ginger oil on a regular basis on all affected body parts will help reduce inflammation, redness pain and stiffness.
  • Raw ginger intake in the best form of reducing pain and improving the blood circulation. Peel and slice fresh ginger and consume it with every meal you take. 

Increase intake of Magnesium in Diet

Magnesium is no doubt one of most essential component of the body that helps our muscles & nerve endings to get relaxed, helpful for relieving pain & stiffness as well as minerals bones. It helps our muscles and bones to get stronger. It is best to add magnesium rich diet in your day to day life like green leafy vegetables (e.g. Spinach), legumes (beans), nuts and more. One can also use magnesium oil, which can be applied over and absorbed by skin by rubbing it on the joints.


Fennel consists of phytonutrients which make it s a super spice with properties of an antioxidant. Fennel oil also contains anethole, this component is a primary element in reducing inflammation. Its vitamin C content helps in reducing the free radicals and reduces the pain of arthritis.  Vitamin C is also known for helping the proper function of the body and enhancing your immune system. Fennel is a very important ingredient that you need to incorporate into your daily routine for improved benefits. 

Weight Loss

Losing weight is very important in case of arthritis means as much weight you are going to lose more you will going reducing pressure from your knees or muscles. There is no doubt that your pain will reduce continuously as your weight is reduced.

Golden Raisins + Gin

juniper berries.Golden raisins has sulfides that gives it that golden color. Both glucosamine and chondroitin contains Sulfides that is highly useful as a remedies of arthritis. One need to pour 1 cup of raisins in ½ cup of gin then keep it in dark place.

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Blackstrap Molasses Drink

Blackstrap Molasses, the highest and most nutritious grade of molasses. From number of yearBlackstrap molasses considered as the best home remedy for arthritis.It consists of essential minerals including magnesium, potassium, calcium and more. Taking it on daily basis 1 tablespoon in one cup of water will helps a lot.

Peppermint Eucalyptus Oil Blend

Peppermint & eucalyptus has pain relieving and analgesic properties which help you to get temporarily relief by providing soothing sensation. One can use 4-5 drops of Peppermint &Eucalyptus oil along with carrier oil (olive, almonds, grapes) and use it over your skin.

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