How To Remove Moles Permanently | Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Moles on Your Face

A mole is just a dark raised spot on our skin which are embraced by group skin cells rather than the individual cells, usually they are found on a person’s skin ever since their childhood. They are result of nothing but accumulation of skin cells and this is known as melanocytes, they are common and can be found anywhere on the body.

Few moles fade away by age and many of them will not so you can try these simple home remedies to assist you to completely free from these moles and please make sure to examine the mole for any abnormal characteristics like asymmetry of border, color or diameter before trying these home remedies for mole removal to know how these will help you to cure your problem.

Banana Peel

Banana peels are also very effective in mole removal. Apply inside part of a banana peel on the mole and cover the area with the bandage after some time/days mole will dry and fell off.


As we know high levels of citric acids are contained by pineapple which can be useful in dissolving the mole. Just rub the small piece of pineapple on affected area for several times a day. This will fade the mole and it will vanish completely.  

Though few home remedies are acidic they are still not harmful for your skin and help to heal your mole and dissolve the cluster of skin cells on your body, one can give a try to all the home remedies one by one and I am sure you will be able to see the results in no time, the best advantage of these are that all the supplies required are readily available and herbal in nature for you to try, so go ahead follow the above mentioned methods and heal your mole easily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Method – you have to just take the vinegar on a cotton ball and then apply it on your skin mole and keep it for one night. Make sure that the apple cider vinegar is organic for it to work in the mentioned speed. 

Aloe Vera

An herbal way to cure this mole problem and removing them off your skin, aloe Vera helps one to heal the crucial part of their skin and even heals the skin eventually. Though it a slow home remedy it is very effective and safe as it is not acidic in nature.

Method- Apply aloe Vera on your face before going to sleep and keep it for the rest of your day and wash it with cold water after you wake up.

Castor Oil

It will assist you to remove moles naturally as just three to four applications can help you to treat a mole that is very weak in form.  You can immerse a cotton ball in castor oil and rest it on the mole, also secure it with a tape so that it does not fall, leave it overnight and wash it next morning. After few days of regular treatment, your mole will shrink and drop off.

Raw Honey

Raw honey is another remedy which will help you to remove the mole; applying honey daily over the mole like a cream will definitely help you out. This is a very inexpensive means to get rid of this problem and you will definitely witness results within a week of application.

Method – Very simple of all the home remedies for mole removal, you have to just apply honey on your mole, one can even mix this with flaxseeds and apply that paste on their mole for at least 30 minutes and then see the results in no time.


Pertain a garlic paste on your moles and cover it up with a bandage, also permit it to dry overnight and continue for five days on regular basis. Crush a clove of garlic and make its paste, apply it on the mole and leave it overnight by wrapping it in a cotton cloth. This application of garlic paste will offer you very quick results.

Onion Juice

It is another excellent and painless way to remove the mole. Rub the mole with onion juice two to three times a day and your mole will disappear in very few days. This method will take the time to show results but will give you long lasting results. This juice is relatively very safe unless you are allergic to it.

So these are the top six and best home remedies for one to try to remove mole from their skin, now you need not worry for using any artificial medications or operations for removing these moles from your skin, you can just simply switch to these remedies all are natural and safe.


Marlon W. said…
I have skin moles on almost every part of my body and I don't know if it's me but it's like I'm finding a new one everyday. I tried the Raw Honey method (didn't want my skin smelling like garlic or onions) just to experiment and see what would happen. I love trying little life hacks like this just to see if it works, so I placed it on three of my moles for more than 30 mins just to be sure and it actually faded the moles away. I'm definitely going to try these other remedies. Thanks for the info.