Best Home Remedies for Cough | Get Relief from Cough and Sore Throat

Coughing is one of the major issues that most of the people come across. It occurs mainly due to cold influenza, asthma or viral infection. Severe coughing can leave your chest aching, sore throat and leaves you irritated and uncomfortable.  We are so busy in our daily life’s that if we get a cough we pop up medicine at home, but this is not a solution. 

Home remedies have proven beneficial for our immune system, they boost up the immunity and also controls the mucus production. 

Nowadays we are very frequently affected by cough at a various interval of time. Before you are making up your mind to visit a physician, try this one of the best home remedies for cough, Here are some of the most beneficial tips that work really well for children as well as adults


Honey has been proven one of the best natural remedies for cough. Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with lukewarm lemon water, this can work wonders for you. Take this once or twice a day to get relief from coughing. You can also mix honey with black pepper powder, this is good for cough and soothes the pain of sore throat.


Ginger is also a good remedy to get relief from cough. Extract a ginger juice and mix it with hot water. Drink daily twice a day and you can get immediate relief from cough. Most of the people consider this remedy for the treatment of asthma cough. Warm milk gives you a very good relief from cough; it helps in reducing chest congestion. You can also mix ginger juice in the warm milk and drink in the early hours of the morning for better results.


In the ancient times, the majority of the people would gargle with hot salt and water, this was considered one of the oldest remedies for the treatment of sore throat


Turmeric is also used for dry cough, it can be mixed with warm milk. Or else turmeric can also be mixed with hot water and honey for better results. Drink at least twice a day to get relief from cough.

Onion Syrup and  Honey

Inhaling the vapors of the onion gives relief from cough, you can also mix an onion syrup and one teaspoon of honey and take thrice a day. 


Cinnamon works like magic at the time of cough. Mix the cinnamon powder with hot honey makes it a syrup-like consistency. This mixture is good for young children.

Eucalyptus Oil

Majority of the people drop eucalyptus oil on a tissue paper or a handkerchief and inhale it to get relief from the cough as well as cold.  You can also add eucalyptus oil in warm water and take a breath, this gives relief from blocked nose, headache, and cough. 


One more interesting tip for people those who are having a cough. Keep 2-3 pieces of cloves in your mouth and consume the juice as long as you can get relief from cough and sore throat.

So, all the tips which have mentioned above can be extremely helpful for you and these are one of the best home remedies for cough, all the tips that are mentioned above do work their best.  It's up to you to find out the mentioned home remedy is best suited for you and give you relief in a short time period.