Best Home Remedies For Common Cold And Cough

You may never have thought of your home to be as good as a chemist’s shop, but it is true that for a cold cough remedy home is the best place to look for relief. Let us face it, cold causes a lot of discomfort, thanks to sneezing bouts, running or blocked nose, headache, sore throat, cough, and general fatigue.

You also end up stocking that medication to prevent similar inconvenience in the future, only to be outwitted by the cold virus turning up after the use by date. Or perhaps, you don’t find the medicine where you left it.

Cold Cough Remedy Home

If the whole town has a cold and cough bug, then you might even run out of luck at the drug store. In contrast, the cold cough remedy home can churn up is never exhausted. These don’t cost much and often utilize what you would have wasted.

The best part is they are natural, so you are assured that there will be no adverse side effects. You can also relish some of them like the chicken soup that your mother and grandmother used to give you.

But the simplest perhaps is water. It floods your circulatory system, giving the virus little hope to clutch the walls of your cells. If drinking plain water does not appeal to you, try herbal teas, ginger ale, fruit drinks, or even sports drinks. The idea here is to flood the system so that the virus is washed away.


For that blocked nose, you might consider steaming. Boil some water and try to breathe in some of that steam without burning your nose. The relief it offers is definitely better than what you would get from those inhalers.

Running Nose

Running nose can be a pain without being a pain, in the sense, it is less of an ache and more of irritation since you have to frequently wipe the nose and search a tissue paper. Try blowing it a bit for relief. 

It would fill up in no time, no doubt, but each time you are blowing out the phlegm, the cold virus population is coming down. There will come a time when the number of antibodies will outnumber those cold viruses, and victory would soon be yours. However, do not exert too much force such that the phlegm reaches your ears or their passage.

Salt Water

You may also be aware of salt water being used for rinsing your throat. Ideally, the water should be warm enough for gargling. Depending on the severity of cold and cough bout, you might want to ensure the frequency of such gargling. Gargling may be done thrice a day or so.

Hot Packs

Your sinuses may be demanding your attention, and the best way to please them is to use hot packs on them. You may use the reusable ones or you may damp one of the washcloths available and heat them up in your microwave up to 30 seconds or less. 

Do be wary though as it can be hot on your skin. You don’t want to be burnt while trying to be cured of cough and cold.

Sophisticated Solutions

Sophisticated solutions include using menthol, camphor, or eucalyptus oils. Slightly rubbing them on your upper lip, under your nostrils would offer relief.


Toddy is another traditional recipe which requires additional ingredients, i.e., herbal tea and 1 ounce of whiskey. Such hot tea can help in sleeping because sleeping becomes difficult when you have a cold.

Baking Soda and Salt

If you use salt that does not contain iodine, you might want to combine it with baking soda, i.e., one teaspoon of baking soda with three teaspoons salt. After thoroughly mixing it in an airtight container, dissolve just a teaspoon full of it in lukewarm distilled water, approximately 8 ounces of it. 

You can then use some syringe to squirt it inside your nostril as you bend over the wash basin. Such treatment should be done one nostril at a time, by slightly applying pressure on the other nostril.


As you can see, you have more than just a drug store right in your home. The cold cough remedy home offers may not be advisable in case your symptoms are progressing to flu. In the flu, cold and cough are invariably accompanied by fever. Therefore, using such remedies may offer relief, but not cure. In such cases, the approaching physician is advisable.