Flu Homeopathic Remedies | Home Remedies for Flu Symptoms

You can come across numerous flu homeopathic remedies with the help of which you can combat flu effectively. With the onset of flu, you can take a half tube of Anas barbariae (every two hours, for a total of five doses. The amalgamation of flu remedies work in numerous scenarios provided that you remember to take the first dose in the first four to twelve  hours after you start having symptoms.
You will also have to take care to follow the dosage recommendations that have been provided on the label of the remedy you choose. You should feel relief with a single dose provided that it works.

You will have to have a more specific remedy especially in the form of a 12C or 30C dose of this medicine. This is an excellent remedy for a flu that results in aches and chills in your back and bones, thirst, fatigue and bad headaches. On feeling dizzy, drowsy and weak but momentarily better after urinating, take a 12C or 30C dose of Gelsemium. You can have four of these doses in 24 hours. If you are still not feeling better, see a professional. Below are some of the flu homeopathic remedies that are useful for flu.

Aconitum napellus: 

Amongst the flu homeopathic remedies this remedy is useful for a flu that comes is suddenly accompanied by anxiety, fever, strong thirst and constricted pupils. You may as a patient, agitated or feel fearful. Asides from this the fever can be accompanied with chills. The symptoms can rise during midnight.

Apis mellifica: 


If you have sweating as well as with swollen tonsils and a very sore throat. You are also down with dry fever that alternates with facial flushing, then you may be prescribes this homeopathic remedy. The pain in this case can go down the eyelids as well as the ears which may also be swollen. Exposure to cold applications and cool air may bring relief.

Arsenicum album:

In this case you will feel chilly exhausted.  There will also be signs of restlessness. You may also feel thirsty. You may however take small sips. You can also be experiencing vomiting and acrid diarrhoea or nausea with burning pain. 


You can take Arsenicum if you are feeling chilly, restless, and weak. Arsenicum is helpful for those people who feel worse in a cold room. You are interested in having something cold to drink. You are feeling more comfortable when you sit in bed with magazines, books, and a television and also if you are left alone. You would however like some sort of an attention every once in a while. You can have one dose of this medicine 30Xx or 9C or as directed on the product label, 3-4 times a day for a minimum of 8 eight doses.



Amongst the signs of flu you will have sudden, intense symptoms including hot skin, fever, red face, and extreme sensitivity to light and jarring.


Amongst the flu homeopathic remedies  you can take Bryonia which is good if symptoms include a cough, a headache, thirst, constipation and irritability. Take one dose of this medicine 3OX or 9C 3-4 times a day for 3 days.


  • Dry mouth, with a thirst for long cold drinks.
  • Everything feels worse from even the slightest motion.
  • Muscle aches, headache, stomach pain or a cough
  • The patient wishes to lie still and be left alone
  • The person feels miserable with flu and grumpy
  • If you are infected with the flu then you must remember to follow these flu homeopathic remedies and keep yourself clean.