Yeast Infection Home Remedies

For several persons who have experienced the effect of yeast infection, you will agree with me that this contagious disease really sucks! Victims of this infection do go through untold hardship ranging from constant irritation, physical embarrassment that could lead to stigmatization and exploitation from quack doctors and chemists.
Yeast infection is mainly a sexually transmitted disease caused by sexual contact with someone who is suffering from this same disease. It can also be caused by using soap or detergent that contains unpleasant chemicals. 

Other source for this disease is contact with bacteria carrying this infection from fecal matter. This disease can affect three major parts of the body, namely: the mouth, hand and the sexual organ of both the male and female body. However, it is more pronounced on the female sexual organ compared to that of the male due to obvious symptoms like red spots on the skin of the female sexual organ.

Since this disease also referred to as candida can farewell with the use of soaps, it is highly advised not to use soap on affected parts of the body until it is adequately attended to and it is also advisable to avoid the use of antibiotics inasmuch as it will exterminate available bacteria in the body to the extent of causing health imbalance and thereby creating room for other diseases to manifest.  

So what am I going to use to counter and cure this infection? This is where home remedies for yeast infection come in, especially if you are a first time victim of this disease. Home remedies for yeast infection takes only natural product into cognizance. The place of your doctor is vital when you are ready to use this approach to treat your yeast infection. The doctor's job is to further enlighten you but not to discourage you or administer any medication on you aside home remedies. 

Yeast infection has been observed to respond to home remedies like the sliced clove of garlic and coconut oil. The good news is that you can rotate the use of these home remedies for rapid response without any side effect! With proper knowledge on the use and application of these home remedies for yeast infection, you can experience recovery within two to three weeks. Besides the use of coconut oil and garlic, tea tree and yoghurt will also do well when applied with proper knowledge. For the benefit of this article, we will consider coconut oil and the clove of garlic.

As soon as you notice white substance growing on your tongue, or excessive itching on and improper discharge from your sexual organ or unbearable itching on any part of your hand, contact your doctor for advice. 

  • Stop eating sugary things. Eating sugary things helps to promote the growth of yeast infection.
  • Ask for medical prescription on the kind of soap to use for bath.
  • Stop eating food containing yeast like bread, egg roll, donuts, fish or meat pie.
  • Adopt the use of coconut oil and clove of garlic.
Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is derived from coconut fruit, a fruit from a perennial tree known as palm tree. All you need to do is search for an outlet where you can either purchase a coconut and they do the oil extraction for you for a fee or purchase the readymade coconut oil. However, care must be exercised when purchasing a readymade coconut oil because it will only serve the purpose if the coconut oil is pure coconut oil void of dilution. As soon as you are sure of purchasing the right product, do the following:

  • Apply directly from the container to the affected area by rubbing the oil thoroughly. I will advise the use of rubber hand glove before using your hand.
  • When applying it to your mouth (in case that is where you notice yeast infection), melt the oil and apply a reasonable quantity you can hold on the tongue between five to ten minutes. Do not pour more than what you can hold within this time frame so that it will not slide into your throat and bowel. As soon as the expiration of the said time, spew out the oil from your mouth.

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Clove of Garlic

You get this clove after peeling the garlic. Slice the clove and insert it throughout the night in the female sexual organ. Only use this home remedy for yeast infection if you are a female with the possibility of having this contagious infection.

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