Home Remedies for Anemia | Treatment for Severe Iron Deficiency Anemia

Anemia is the abnormally low level of blood cells in the body.  Usually, in the case of anemic patients, steps to increase the blood count are administered.  With Anemia, it is usually observed that home remedies are more effective in bettering the situation of the patient than any prescribed medications.  But never the less, sufficient care and proper medical advice is not a substitute for the best home remedy
There have been a lot of reasons that have been attributed to the causative reasons for being Anemic.It is indeed debatable that people could turn Anemic by just following improper diet. At most occasions, the reasons for being Anemic can be traced to deeper maladies that have been masked or been elusive to the medical practitioners. 



This is a tuber that does wonders to increase the blood count with patients of low counts.  It is possible to prepare the beetroot in many different ways and some very tasty and presentable forms of cooking beetroot can be tried out. In traditional Indian texts, the use of beetroot is recommended in cleansing and purifying the whole body.  It can be taken in as a juice, cooked whole or just as a salad.


For some unknown reason people look down on this the kings of vegetables.  Many children are turned off by comic characters that espouse the good effects of spinach.  Rarely have so many good factors been put into a small packet as the lowly spinach. There a number of different ways that the spinach can be prepared. Thus it is possible to have a preparation that suits the palettes of most people.  There should be little by way of excuses in not trying out spinach.  The high content of usable iron present in spinach makes this a never to be missed component to any diet no matter the region of the world. 


People have been quick to realize the importance that Pomegranate plays in boosting blood count.  Most doctors are quick to recommend some Pomegranate fruits to get maximum boosting in as little time as possible.  But scientists have not been able to get to the root chemicals that aid this recovery. 

As with most fruits, it is possible to have a few Pomegranates along with regular diet and intake of medications.  This is one supplement that does not interfere with normal course of action of different drugs and is safe to combine with what most common doctors prescribe to boost blood count. 


This could be the most fortifying fruit to have come out of the deserts of Arabia.  A number of cultures do place the dates at the forefront of delicacies probably because of the sheer expense to use.  But the improvements to health cannot be denied to the regular users of dates that are so rich in proteins and iron.There would be few people that would dispute the strength giving feature of the dates. Most places where dates are grown would swear by the sheer nutritional value of the dates. 


Rich in natural iron, the lowly banana is considered by many to be an all rounder of fruits.  Other than fortify the blood, bananas do help with the digestion and helps keep the system clean and well looked after.  Most common ailments related to the digestive system can be set right with a good diet made rich with bananas.  That the banana can be sourced practically at any time of the year only adds to its utility.