Best Home Remedies for Fever and Cold in Adults

Adults suffer in cold as much as the kids do. While medications often bring in sleepiness san drowsiness one cannot get rid of cold without developing a mechanism to combat it. As much as in kids even the fever and cold in adults is normal and usually, it stays for 3-4 days. Most of us prefer the prescription of the doctor little realizing that the solutions are often easier and lying in our kitchens. Yes, right there are your home remedies.

There are numerous home remedies for fever and cold in adults that not only help in getting rid of the fever and cold but also builds a stronger immunity system. There are over the counter medicines available as well but then again, what beats the virtue of home remedies when it comes to cold, fever or even the flu?

Drinking a lot of Warm Water

Drinking a lot of warm water is certainly the very first thing you must do. Warm water tends to dissolve the mucus and aid your body in getting rid of a cough and cold. In the times of fever using cold water strips on the forehead helps in decreasing the body temperature.

Drinking  Fruit Juices

Also, consider drinking a lot of fruit juices since it restores the lost energy and supplies nutrients. One of the home remedies for fever and cold in adults is to rely on soups. If you are non-vegetarian drink a lot of chicken and beef soup. Otherwise, make warm soup out of fresh vegetables.


Another significant home remedies for fever and cold in the adult is the steaming. Heat the water and add thyme oil drops into it. Take the steam with your head covered. This helps in dealing with cold in a better way. You can take the steam once or twice a day. If tea is your thing then adding crushed ginger also soothes the effect of fever and cold to a greater extent.


Similarly, garlic is yet another one of the most efficient home remedies for fever and cold in an adult. Smelling one or two cloves of the garlic and eating them cures a cold at a faster pace.

Basil Leaves

Basil leaves are also known to cool down the effect of fever pretty well. Putting it in the tea can help really well. Otherwise, you can also crush some basil leaves along with the ginger in a cup of water and take it twice a day. However, if bail leaves aren’t what you prefer then try raisins. Soak the raising overnight and then crush it in the water. You also need to add several drops of lime and mix it well taking this mixture twice a day turns out to be largely beneficial to you.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most inexpensive remedies for fever and cold. It is easily available and hence it is largely preferred. Mixing one spoon of apple cider vinegar with honey in water and drinking it once a day can show the desirable results. The home remedies that are mentioned carry no side effects on your body. As a matter of fact, they rather make you healthier.

Fever and cold are one of the most common contagious ailments. Every time the weather changes a lot of us end up catching a cold followed by fever. However, home remedies aid your body in combating with it.

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