Home Remedies For Fibroids In The Uterus | Foods to Avoid With Fibroids on the Uterus

The usual fibroids that are commonly found in women are a typical muscular, non cancerous growth in the walls of the uterus.  It is a very common ailment and a good number of women are stricken by them by the time they get to be 50 years.  Statically about 80 percentages of women do develop these growths by the said age.  There are some common to follow home remedies For Fibroids In The Uterus that could give respite and at times complete remission to the condition. 

Pack Made of Castor Oil

Applying castor oil externally to the abdomen is seen to provide a good respite to the condition.  Usually the intensity of treatment is enhanced with applying a pact made of the oil.  The pack is made with packing of castor oil and wool flannel. A good heat source like a hoot water bottle does help increase the efficiency of the remedy. 

As with most home remedies, there cannot be a quick remission of the condition and it does need to be preserved with to give complete remission.  As with most modern women, they do not have the patience and good spirit to use this pack regularly and thus it is often used in older women.

Chaste Berry

This is a fruit typically found in the middle east and parts of the Mediterranean.  The berry is useful in maintaining hormonal balances and is particularly useful in the onset of menopause.  It is possible to have the Chaste berry at most shops that stock on supplies from the region and is not that hard to get hold of. The Chaste berry is useful in keeping in check inflammation and is best taken in as a tincture.  As is with most tinctures the concentration of the berry juice does play a good part in the healing process. 


There is a view held by a lot of doctors that inefficient removal of Estrogen is what primarily leads to fibroids being formed in the uterus.  Thus a treatment that tries to flush out excess hormonal elements and hence bring about a greater balance to the hormonal cocktail is what makes people rely on the lowly Dandelion to combat fibroids of the uterus.

The tea made by brewing Dandelion is used to help bring the liver to peak working conditions and hence maintain a good balance in hormone levels.  Care must be taken to have the water at a particular temperature else the concoction would lose its potency. 

Green tea

The green tea has been for a lot of people a cure all remedy for a lot of ailments.  The constituents of a good green tea are all working to prime the body to work at peak capacity.It does stimulate the liver and aids in maintaining equilibrium in hormonal balances. But unlike a remedy, the green tea should be used in younger women to help keep fibroids at bay at older ages.  The effects of green tea would also do good for a number of reasons and not just the fibroids alone.  Rarely have the habitual users of green tea complain of poor health as it is a sort of an elixir.


There is no one cure for fibroids of the uterus that people could follow.  But like all home remedies the effect or action of the remedy varies with people and cultures too. 

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