Home Remedies for Head Louse | How Do You Get Rid of Lice in your Hair?

Head louse a kind of parasite that lives and feeds in the hair of humans. Head louse is very irritating and cause itching in the head which at time is most embarrassing thing. Head louse is common to all people but it is mostly found in the hair of children. This is so common because it can be spread easily by sharing combs, hair brush with a person who is having lice in his head.
The point of relief is that head lice don’t spread any disease except itching. This is the only harm they can do to our head. However, there are other lice that carry certain type of disease but so far as head lice are concerned, they are not the vehicle of any disease. This is why they seem to be virtually harmless for humans. Home remedies for head louse are very helpful to eliminate them from hair.

It is very difficult to eliminate head lice from the head because they live in the roots of hair. The traditional way to eliminate them is the pick out each louse from the hair manually by fingers. But that is a difficult task and no one has time to spare in the rapidly running life. The other way is to shave the head completely. But that also seems to be next to impossible for many.

We have lots of home remedies for head louse to root them out of the head. You can try many of them and then stick to one that suits you most. Home remedies are useful and safe because these are natural products, free form any kind of harmful chemical substance. This is why they do not make any adverse impact on hair and you can use it without any concern in mind.

Here some home remedies you may use and be benefited-

Tea Tree Oil: 

Tea tree oil can repel the lice if sprayed on the hair on a regular basis. You may also add to a few drops of the oil into child’s shampoo. However, this treatment is good for prevention, but not a cure.


This method is very effective. Soak your child’s hair with the hand sanitizer until it is wet, and leave it in. The time to leave in varies depending upon the person. It will dry and leave the hair shiny and lice dead.


Apply mayo gently to the head and scalp and wrap it with a covering. This smothers the lice and as a result they will die. This is extremely effective and also beneficial in making hair soft and conditioned.

Peppermint Oil: 

Few drops of peppermint oil is beneficial in this treatment too. The peppermint oil helps to kill the lice and give the cooling feeling too.



Crush garlic cloves and mid with lemon juice and apply. The pungent garlic helps in killing the lice.


Apply onion juice on hair and keep for some time then wash. This will help remove the lice and soften the hair. Try these home remedies for head louse as the best cure to get rid of the problem.


Head lice are not a disease but it is highly contagious. By avoiding the use of combs, hair brushes, clothing, hats and linens of the infested person, you can protect yourself against lice. Besides, the suggested home remedies for louse will help you get rid of head lice.