Home Remedies for Herpes Itch and Pain | Quick Cures For Itching

Herpes is a very grave disease that is very painful physically and emotionally. This is such a disease that a person suffering from it may feel ashamed of his condition and at the same time feels like sticks and blades are poked and sliced through genitals. Pain caused by this disease is so grave that one has to take some pain relief medication immediately to end the pain.

The pain relief medication can dull out the nerves for a short time and if one frequently has the attack of herpes pain, he might take the pain relieving medicines only to find that the virus of the disease gets used to the medicines and ultimately win against the medicines. Hopefully there are a number of home remedies for Herpes itch and pain that help you get rid of this itch and pain.

A herpes outbreak starts with itching which is followed by a rash and a burning sensation and finally the blisters forms then sores and then crusts. Itching stage starts with a tingling sensation underneath the skin surface. The crust causes itching. But you be sure not to scratch it otherwise the condition will become worse.
Excessive use of medicine may cause many side effects to your body. So what is the proper way to get rid of it? Not to worry. Home remedies for herpes itch and pain are the answer to this question of yours. Here are given some of the remedies that will be very useful for you if you are suffering from herpes. Try them out and see the soothing effects.


Use ice for instant relief. Placing ice cubes wrapped in a towel on the affected area is effective. Ice cubes should not be put directly onto your skin or you could suffer damage. Using the ice helps in constricting the blood vessels under the irritated area and can control the chemicals that trigger the itching, thereby creating a soothing effect.

Tea Tree Oil:


You can use pure tea tree oil to relieve the herpes itch. This is one of the most effective home remedies for herpes itch and pain. Place a drop of the oil on the affected area up to four times a day. Cut this treatment off after four days or if you have reached the sore stage, which ever comes first.

Epsom Salt:

Take a bath with Epsom salt. These baths are effective in relieving stress, easing muscle pains, and smoothing the skin. Epsom salt contains high magnesium which helps in ending the pain and smoothing the skin. Take an Epsom salt bath in a tub of warm water to relieve your herpes itch and pain.

Good Diet: 

Diet plays an important role in the control of the outbreak of herpes infection. A person infected with herpes should eat a lot of cranberry, broccoli, cabbage and Brussels because these foods are rich in nutrients and vitamins that help to prevent outbreaks of herpes.

Besides, honey, aloe vera, red marine algae, and eucalyptus are other herbal remedies that are very effective in diminishing the pain and itching associated with outbreaks.


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which is caused by virus namely HSV-1 and HSV-2. It is highly contagious too. Use home remedies to get rid of this disease.