Natural Home Remedies for Hot Flashes

Almost every woman goes through a phase in her life when she experiences sudden intense bursts of heat that make her feel uncomfortable and flushed. These are the signs of pre-menopause (effect of last menstrual cycles in a woman’s life). These signs are generally seen due to hormonal changes and referred to as Hot Flashes. The symptoms of hot flashes last from minimum of six months to maximum 10-15 years.

Some of the common signs of hot flashes are a sudden increase in heartbeat rate, excessive or more than average sweating, visible redness on the face (flushing), etc. all of these bodily changes are reoccurring. As per the research studies, hot flashes in a woman are caused by normal bodily triggers. The most common trigger is feeling stressed or being anxious.

Some other activities that cause such triggers are-

● Consuming alcohol
● Smoking cigarette
● Tight clothing
● Eating spicy food on a regular basis etc.

Some basic treatments that might help a woman to manage hot flashes are:

● Taking medications (when hot flashes are difficult to manage)
● HRT (Hormone replacement therapy)
● Sipping iced water (when a hot flash has just begun)
● Dressing up in comfortable clothes (avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, that will just make you more uncomfortable during a hot flash)

There are certain home remedies for hot flashes. Treatment through these home remedies might take some time to relieve you from hot flashes but as compared to taking medications, natural treatment is more effective.

Consumption of Natural Herbs

There are certain herbs and oils that can be taken as alternatives to prescribed medication. Consumption of natural herbs and oils helps reduce the symptoms of hot flashes significantly. They work as home remedies for hot flashes.

Some of These Herbs are-

  1. Peppermint Oil helps prevents any muscle cramping during hot flashes.
  2. Black Cohosh regular consumption of black cohosh helps prevent the severity of hot flashes.
  3. Evening primrose oil helps reduce sweating and manage hot flash.
  4. Soy food contains natural estrogen when consumed works well like a bodily/human estrogen.
  5. Sage tea daily consumption helps to reduce chances of osteoporosis, works as an antidepressant and reduces stress.
  6. Red Clover is another herb that helps to manage hot flushes and night sweats, red clover is also beneficial if consumed during menopause because of its heart protective benefits.
  7. Flaxseed is a chemical compound called lignans found in flaxseeds it helps reduce the severity and frequency of hot flushes.

    There are some other home remedies for hot flashes too, that can be consumed as alternatives for prescribed medication. They are:

    Vitamin E Related Supplement and Foods

    As per the research-based studies, foods or supplements rich in Vitamin E are known to reduce symptoms of hot flashes. Some of the common foods rich in vitamin E are almonds, spinach, kale, etc.

    Consuming Vitamin C Rich Foods

    Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C-rich foods help reduce menopause-related symptoms and help calm hot flashes. Some of the Vitamin C rich foods are oranges, strawberries, red peppers, etc.

    Avoid Spicy Food

    A Hot flash is a symptom of menopause. Menopause causes a hormonal imbalance with the body and consumption of spicy food worsens issues related to menopause. It would be nice to stay away or consume spicy food in minimal quantity.

    Change in Lifestyle

    Our habits shape our daily lifestyle. So, change in habits like limiting alcohol consumption, stop smoking (if you can), hitting gym (along with hot flashes this also helps to reduce weight), and having a balanced diet altogether can reduce the severity of hot flash.

    Try Regular Yoga

    Yoga poses such as child pose can help you maintain low body temperature. With a low-temperature body, dealing with hot flashes is a lot easier. Relaxation and restoration yoga poses helps you control your body sweat and breathing alongside. Breathing exercises such as Alternate nostril breathing calms your nervous system and enhances blood circulation throughout the body this helps you control and reduce stress.

    Doing Stress Reducing Activities

    Stress is one of the deep root causes of triggering hot flash during menopause. Stress-reducing activities such as deep breathing, meditation, etc. can reduce the severity of hot flashes up to a great extent. Meditation helps to reduce anxiety and increases positive thinking. 

    Being Positive 

    When a sudden or immediate hot flash is triggered, you might feel terrible until your body is back to normal. This feeling makes you feel uncomfortable and you also might sweat a bit. Just keep in mind that menopause is a phase of life and hot flash is just a side symptom resultant of this process. Almost every woman goes through it and with time it will pass on. Just be positive towards life, eat organic food, do daily exercise and don’t take too much stress.