Home Remedies for Itching | How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin

Itching is generally an irritating and tingling sensation on the sin surface. If someone has itching problem, he has the feeling that something is crawling on the skin. Itching is so disgusting and sometimes becomes so uncontrollable that you feel an urge to scratch the surface of the skin very roughly. The medical name of itching is Pruritus.
One might get itching on one particular area of the skin or on the whole body surface. Itching may become worse by wearing tight, irritating fabrics, using hard soaps, heat and humid conditions and sweat etc. itching is so irritating that sometimes one can not help scratching the skin even if he does not want to. The symptoms of itching depend on the cause. These include runny nose, sneezing, inflammation, swelling, skin redness etc.

Some common causes of itching are dry skin, prickly heat, exposure to ultra violet radiation of sun or sunburn, allergic reaction, fungal infections, reaction to medicines etc. Although medical treatment can not be over ruled but there are effective home remedies for itching that can aid the ailing person to get rid of this annoying problem.

Try the home remedies for itching described below. And all that you need to do just cast you sight around in your home and you will get a number of useful substances that you can use as medicine for you itching ailment.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is a significant herbal remedy for this problem. It is used as lotion, soap or cream for maintaining a good health of your skin. Apply the juice of Aloe Vera leaves on the itching spot and rub gently with soft hands. This will sooth your skin and will prevent the itching.

Coconut Oil:

Add five grams of camphor in 100 grams of coconut oil and mix in a glass bottle. Now close the bottle with a tight cork and keep in the sun till the camphor gets dissolved in the oil. This oil is also helpful in curing any wound caused due to itching. This will heal the wound in a weak and skin will become white. A few drops of this oil can be dropped in the bucket of water and used for bathing to cure itching.

Margosa (Neem):

Margosa is one of the widely used home remedies for itching. What you need to do is just boil a few fresh margosa leaves in water and take bath with this water. Another way is- take 20 fresh leaves of margosa. Clean it properly and add 10 black peppers and mash in 60 grams of water. Now drink this mixture in the morning and evening for a week. It will cleanse your blood and remove itching.

Alum (Fitkari): 

Take a small amount of alum and mix it with two tea spoons of lemon juice and apply on itching areas. Application of this mixture of lemon juice and alum is useful in relieving general itching.

Besides these papaya seeds is another useful remedy for itching problem. Mash papaya seeds and apply on the itchy areas. But it will be quite beneficial if you consult with your doctor before using any such remedies. The above suggested home remedies for itching have been known for years.


You can try some of the home remedies for itching that are given above. These are tested and trusted remedies that provide the results to its perfection.

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