Home Remedies For Itching | How to Get Rid of Itchy Skin

Itching is like an irritating and uncontrollable sensation that makes want to scratch the place of itching for relives. Itching comes with redness of that area, spots and cracked skin. Itching can affect your life directly .It leads to skin injury , infection etc. Sometimes itching leads the irritation and allergic reaction. And sometimes it creates pain where as itching leads scretch. Mostly in rainy and summer season. Itching seems a common problem.
But it leads very difficulty .The possible causes of itching comes from internal illnesses , such as kidney and liver disease, skin allergic and hormonal issue. There are several medicines available in market which helps in relives for itching .As we know that everyone has not same kind of skin .So there is a chance that it will take reaction. These medicines are costly also. To overcome these problem, we can use home remedy .By applying these home remedies for itching, you can easily get relief without scaring and expending too much money.


Lemon is the basic ingredient of home as well as our kitchen system. Lemon juice has anti oxidant which able to kills germs This is the best home remedy for Itching .Itching Is the result of unwanted germs which easily kills by lemon juice. Just apply lemon juice on itching skin and leave it for 10 minutes. Let it dry on its own and then wash the area. Repeat twice daily until condition  improve. It easily kills the germs.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has anti inflammatory quality. Baking soda is most common home remedy for itching. Baking soda help in removing rashes as well as itching skin. Take one cup soda and mix it with rosy water .stir it well thoroughly .Apply the paste on skin .Let it dry. When it becomes dry, cleanse it. Do this once a day but not use on injured skin.

Ice Cube

The sensation of itching can be eradicated by ice cube. Rub the ice cube on red itchy skin. It helps in removing itch and gets relives quickly.

Amchoor Powder

Just like Baking soda, Amchoor powder also helps in itching. Amchoor powder is easily available in our kitchen. Its acts as a natural acid neutralizer that helps in relives itching. Prepare a paste by mixing three teaspoon of amchoor powder with one table spoon of cold water. Apply the paste on the affected areas and leaves it on for about 10 minutes. Do this twice daily until condition improved.

Apple Vinegar

The apple vinegar really works on itching. It is easily available in our home as well as market. Apple vinegar also known as anti itching property which works effectively.

Multani soil


Multani soil is very helpful in not only for itching but also other problem of skin. Mix Multani soil; with little water. Apply thin paste of itching area .Let it dry, Then peel it off. Gently use it once a day.

Aloe- Vera


Aloe- vera is easily available in home.It is for just about every kind of skin problem .Its help in itching. Just break of a leaf from plant , and cut it open lengthwise from top to bottom with knife. Scoop out gel and rub it directly on itchy skin .It works quickly. Use until condition improved. Let leave it for few minutes and then wash.

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your tips are very useful. thanks for posting.
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your tips are very useful. thanks for posting.
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