Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcer | How To Cure Ulcer Naturally And Permanently

Ulcers are the small breaks in stomach lining when the digestive juices come in contact with the stomach.  Nature has its own way of keeping the digestive enzymes away from the walls of the stomach and if for some reason or other there is a breakdown of this barrier, then it could lead to the formation of ulcers.  Ulcers can be a very painful and uncomfortable to bear.People usually would not be quick to point out an ulcer to a doctor, often making excuses to its occurrence. 
There are some plain common sense and easy to follow remedies that can set right a defective ulcerative stomach as laid out as follows.


Yes, the simple cabbage is the most advantageous food when it comes to a choice of food.  Probably the absorbent nature of cabbage along with the tendency to produce an amino acid that helps with increased mucus formation, the homely cabbage is heaven sent to a stomach with peptic ulcers. There are not many places that do not harbor cabbage.  Thus it is a very common vegetable that can be had anywhere. The wider acceptability of this vegetable also means that it is possible to integrate cabbage into most palettes and menus.  There would not be any culture that hasn’t go a cabbage dish.Thus this is a very easy to use remedy.


An easy to get part of the diet in the tropics, coconut helps combat ulcers by increasing the secretion of mucus in the stomach linings.  This helps shield the stomach linings from damage due to the gastric juices.  It does posses antibacterial qualities that help keep inflammation down and thus limit the size of ulcers formed along with the proper recovery of the individual. 

Coconut is found in the tropics and most dishes in the tropics use coconut liberally.  Thus the people of the tropics are unwittingly providing a good defense against formation of ulcers in later stages of their lives. 


This is a very exotic spice that is used in certain parts of the world, particularly when a good amount of pungent taste is required in dishes.  Unwittingly what the spice does is to increase the stomach mucus thus forming a first line of defense to peptic ulcers.  The copious follow of stomach mucus only guards against ulcers that usually forms by attacking stomach linings in the absence of mucus barriers. 

If Fenugreek is not usually used with food, then it can be had as an after meal drink despite its pungent smell and taste.  A glass of water kept overnight with a bit of fenugreek can be ingested in the morning to provide the protection that is needed for the entire day. 


The reason that honey is a cure all sort of food is due to the various different seasonings that the bees provide while collecting the honey from the flowers.  Here, it is the chemical conditioning that the collection process comes to bear that gives the honey all the healing properties that is so advantageous to people. 

The anti inflammatory action that honey provides is beneficial to the treatment of ulcers too. The thick consistency that honey has also helps it to adhere to the areas needing repair and thus the action is prolonged.  No artificial agents are needed to cause coagulation and to keep the honey at a particular place.