Home Remedies For Pleurisy | How to Get Rid of Pleurisy Fast

The Pleura is a membrane found in the thoracic cavity of people and its inflammation is what causes Pleurisy.  Here pain is experiences with each inhalation and exhalation.  If the person has cough then the pain is accentuated with each coughing action.  At times, it is common for Pleurisy to be followed by fever too and this could well be the first tell tale signs that something isn’t quite right.  There are a number of home cures that can set the condition right and if not fully, then can bring about a good respite. 

Fresh Air

This might sound ridiculous, but the quality of air people breath can have an effect in mitigating Pleurisy.  Often the infection is brought on by lack of exercise and proper draining of body fluids from the thoracic cavity.  This coupled with lack of exercise can be the cause to a good infection. 

Often people that complain of a burning chest is most probably suffering from Pleurisy.  The usual response to such a condition is to take complete rest and this would only increase the discomfiture.  It can be noticed that people on the move seldom or if at all complain of Pleurisy.

Heat Application

It is possible to have a relief to a condition by applying a heat source.  Just a warm hot water bag will do.  It does help to take deep breaths by consciously moving the chest up and down.  The small movements are bound to increase the blood flow to the affected part and help mitigate the condition. As is often the case a warm feeling is bound to help keeps the area feeling better in no time.  Although the efficacy of using a hot water bag is to be debated at will.

Basil Leaves

Here the basil leaves are to be taken in before breakfast and dinner preferably.  Basil helps draining the fluids that has accumulated in the chest cavity and provide immediate relief to the patient.  It must however be noted that the basil  is not to be brewed; a very common mistake people make. 

Using a humidifier

Using a humidifier to keep the atmosphere moist is a good way to alleviate the condition.  If possible, the humidifier must be kept on during sleep thus providing a good relief to the condition. That the humid air that is taken in does help bring immediate respite to the condition is not something new. People have in the past noticed that the condition gets better with the seasons when there is humidity in the air.Thus using a humidifier is a natural choice. 

Olive Leaf Extracts

The extracts of the olive leaves do help to relieve the condition of Pleurisy.  The extracts have components that fight all types of infections and are anti inflammatory too.  It is possible to have ready made extracts at good stores that sell natural produces.  Care must be taken to keep the extracts as instructed in the leaflets that accompany the compound.  Often the wrong handling of the products does reduce the efficacy of the extracts. 

Linseed Massage

It is possible to have a massage with Linseeds and this is a good way to relieve the discomfiture that is associated with Pleurisy.  It must be noted that the linseed must be heated in a bunch over a sand bath preferably just before the application.  A good number of cases have been seen to be relived with this treatment. 

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