Home Remedies For Scabies | How to Get Rid of Scabies at Home Fast

Scabies may be a extremely rough condition to wear down. In fact, the thought of it alone is enough to create you quiver. as luck would have it, home treatments are  simple to perform and might assist you wear down the uncomfortable symptoms related to this infection. The symptoms and coverings for itch are vast, therefore it’s probably you’ll find a home remedy For Scabies that works for you.

Scabies may be a contagious skin condition caused by the tiny low mite (Sarcoptes infection power unit. Hominids). The mite lays eggs in human skin, that hatch and grow into adult mites. this suggests that signs and symptoms of the condition will last for months or maybe years. Symptoms and signs of infection embody generalized intense itching; the condition is usually known as the "seven-year itch." Symptoms and signs of infection on the skin vary and will embody short, linear, or nodular "burrows" between the fingers, small red bumps and blisters on the skin, or a widespread, crustlike rash. Often, there aren't any visible skin lesions.

The most common areas for an itch infection are:

1)Areas between fingers and round the fingernails
3) Wrists
4) Waistline
5) Inner elbow
6) Bottom of feet
7) Breasts
8) Male crotch
9)  Buttocks
10) Knees
11) Shoulder blades

Here are several home remedies for scabies involves remedies focusing on killing the mites and relieving the itching and pain they cause are:-

1. Tea Tree Oil

One of the higher itch home remedies is tea tree oil. It options a compound—terpinen-4-ol—that helps kill the parasite that permits itch to flourish. It conjointly has antiseptic, medication, medicament, antifungal, and disinfectant properties. To use it to treat itch, combine equal elements of tea tree oil and oil along. Use a plant disease to soak up the mixture, then dab it on the affected space. If you’d rather soak in a tub, add 10–12 drops of tea tree oil to lukewarm water. each type of treatment may be done double daily and you must see leads to a few of weeks. A word to the wise: tea tree oil might irritate sensitive skin, therefore check however you react to that 1st by applying it to a little space.

2. White Vinegar

Another sensible itch home treatment is vinegar. The carboxylic acid at intervals it will produce a toxic setting for the mites and can kill them off. combine one-half vinegar and one-half water, and use a plant disease to dab the mixture on the affected space. Let it symbolize regarding 5 minutes, then wash with lukewarm water. try this up to a few times per day, and you must notice a distinction at intervals many days.

3. Neem Oil

Neem oil for scabies may be a biological science chemical that’s conjointly used as a natural treatment for itch additionally to different skin conditions. that includes antibacterial and antifungal properties, it will beware of the matter by stopping mites from reproducing. Apply it on to the affected space and gently massage it in.

4. Tree Leaves

The leaves of the Melia Azadirachta have equivalent qualities as tree oil, simply during a completely different type. you'll create a paste out the leaves by soaking them in heat water, crushing them employing a mortar and pestle, and applying the paste to the affected space once an intensive laundry. Let it dry naturally, then take a shower to get rid of it and wash the world once more.

5. Clove Oil

Clove oil will facilitate clean the world whereas providing a lot of required relief from itchiness. as a result of it will burn your skin, it’s essential to dilute it before application. To do so, combine one tablespoon of volatile oil with four tablespoons of virgin copra oil (or olive oil) and place it on the affected space, going it to soak up.

6. Onion

To naturally treat itch you simply may need to appear within your icebox. AN onion offers a good treatment as a result of it contains quercetin, that may be a well-known pain reliever and might facilitate with the itchiness. It conjointly has organosulfur compounds that will attack and exterminate itch parasites.

7. Cayenne Pepper Powder

Cayenne pepper will burn and kill the mites inflicting the matter. combine a cup of cayenne pepper powder into a hot tub and soak in it till the water gets cold. Once that happens, wash with cool water and remember—don’t get any in your eyes!

8. Turmeric


A well-known medication, turmeric will defend you from the itch of itch, further as the other secondary infections. you'll mix it with the tree remedies mentioned earlier, or create a paste victimization one tablespoon of turmeric powder and many drops of juice. Apply it to the infected space and permit it to dry naturally (about AN hour). Rinse it off with lukewarm water to end the treatment. you'll try this once per day.

9. Lavender Oil


Lavender oil may be effective in killing itch parasites whereas conjointly serving to with skin regeneration, therefore, infected cells square measure shed away. Use it with oil on affected areas, rubbing it in till it’s absorbed. you'll try this repeatedly daily.

10. Aloe Vera


Aloe vera for scabies may facilitate speed up the healing method by victimization its antimicrobial and skin-healing properties. Apply recent burn plant gel to the affected areas and leave it on for an hour before removal it off. you'll try this up to a few times per day.

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