Home Remedies for Scar Removal | Secrets on How to Get Rid of Scars

Scars are those marks which attains on our skin after injury, Acne and blackheads. During the injury, the worn out cells and tissue of the place of injury gets damaged. Due to which, a mark comes at the place of injury. Theses marks are known as Scars. This situation affects mainly the teen agers. There are several medicines and anti- biotic available in market for treatment of these scars.
Theses Medicines and Anti- biotic helps us to remove scars but they have a chance of reaction on skin and also costly enough. Theses Medicine are time taking also. To overcome this situation, we can apply Home remedy for Scars  removal.

By these Home Remedies, we can easily rid from scars:


Aloe-vera is easily available in home .it is main key of Home remedies of scars removal. Aloe vera is used in beauty cream and scars cream also. Apply the small mass of Aloe-Vera gently rinse on face and leave it for twenty minutes. After this time duration, wash the face with rose water. It helps in decreasing the size of scars quickly.


 Fenugreek is said to be really effective when it comes to scar removal. Take fenugreek leaves and make a thick paste, then apply it on the scars and let it dry, wash it off ,later on. Repeat this remedy twice a week. This will reduce the scars, ultimately making it invisible.


 Potato not only a basic vegetable in one’s kitchen but also it is a very useful production of cultivation. Potato is anti oxidant vegetable which contains starch. It is also used as home remedy for scars removal. First, clean the skin with a gentle cleanser , then rub the skin with the piece of raw potato for few minutes and then gently wash. Apply it twice a week.

Apply Vitamin E

Vitamin E provides protection against worn out cells. It helps in the removal of scars .Apply Vitamin E on the area of Scars. It does not harm to the skin. Vitamin E rich things are easily available in our home.Vitamin E rich things are- Almonds, sweet potatoes, Butternut squash , mustard green etc.Apply vitamin E on Scars for 10 min and then wash. Apply this twice a day .Vitamin E helps scars to disappear.



Apply the fluid of Tomato on the scar and massage with it for 10 minutes. Tomato helps in fading the scars from face. Gently apply it twice a day for some days.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very useful ingredient in our home. Coconut oil is another effective home based remedy of scars removal. It is rich in anti oxidant and keep the skin soft and secure from Acne, scars and blackheads. At night , before bed time apply it on the affected area and massage with it for few minutes . It also helps in glowing the skin.