Home Remedies for Scurvy | How to Get Rid of Scurvy

Scurvy results as the deficiency of vitamin C in diet due to various reasons including the long time deprivation of fresh fruits and vegetables. The vitamin C known as ascorbic acid in chemical nomenclature, gets its name from Latin name scorbutus.
Human body requires certain amount of vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen that plays a substantial role in the formation of healthy bones, teeth and capillaries and also helps wound revivification process.Scurvy is characterized by blue and black spots on skin bleeding mucous membranes and spongy gums.

Causes of Scurvy:

As described above scurvy the major root cause of it lies in the vitamin C deficiency. It’s very important to know that the requirements vitamins for human body differs from one condition to other like breastfeeding, pregnancy, diarrhea, burns, inflammatory diseases and exposure to extreme hot and cold weather conditions.

Other causes of Scurvy are

• Addiction to Alcohol makes people vulnerable to scurvy
• Mental stress also enables scurvy as the state demands more vitamin C which if not fulfilled leads to the deficiency and finally scurvy
• Inadequate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in diet

Symptoms of Scurvy

Although the symptoms of scurvy are very difficult to detect in early stages but they appear in the form of spongy gums and or along with bleeding mucous membranes yet there are also other set of symptoms which point to scurvy.
Some such symptoms are as follows:
• Loosening of tooth 
• Blue and black color spots on lower body
• Heaviness in heart
• Blood deficiency
• Fever
• Nausea
• Weight shrinkage
• Body pain
• Fragile blood capillaries
• Loss of appetite

Natural Home Remedies for Scurvy

Scurvy disease is typically mistaken for dysfunction, rheumatism, or rickets.Lack of antioxidant or antioxidant is the main cause that results in scurvy. Inadequate intake of recent vegetables and fruits typically results in this malady. The primary signs of scurvy are a general weakness and exhaustion. Anyway its onset is gradual. If scurvy isn't properly treated from the primary signs it will become acute resulting in hemorrhage. Another reason behind scurvy is stress. This disease is successfully treated by victimization natural home remedies.

Indian Gooseberry

One of the foremost effective and helpful remedy consists in Indian gooseberry as it has made in antioxidant. Take a dry Indian gooseberry and powder it with an equivalent amount of sugar. Take one teaspoon of this powder with milk on a daily basis.

Lemons and Limes

Lemons and limes are a good remedy in several diseases and in scurvy, too. They need the good property to stop scurvy and not solely to cure it. They have made in antioxidant and that they are thought-about food with exceptional therapeutic result. Squeeze a lime or a lemon and blend the juice with water and a teaspoon of honey. Drink this juice 2-3 times each day till you get obviate scurvy.


Another helpful remedy for cure of this disease is aamchur. Aamchur consists in abraded mango fruits. These fruits are cut in pieces, dried in sun and in the end powdered by crushing dried fruit. Take around 15 gm of aamchur every day and the relief is felt immediately. They are as beneficial as limes and lemons because their richness in Vitamin C.


Potato, this common vegetable, could be a superb treatment for scurvy. In a hundred milligrams of potatoes you'll realize up to seventeen milligrams of antioxidant.

Jaundice Berry

Jaundice Berry could be a terribly helpful seasoner treatment for this disease. These plant leaves are referred to as powerful opposed scurvy and anti-scorbutic. Build a simmering from fifteen grams of dry jaundice berry leaves stewed in five hundred milliliters of water. Boil the water till it remains common fraction liquid. Drink 150-170 milliliters quickly. You’ll additionally consume berry juice, too.

White Lilac Flowers

White lilac flowers are an awfully powerful remedy. Take a handful of white lilac flowers and add them in 1 liter of boiled and hot water. Cover the pot 15 minutes. Filter the liquid and drink 2-3 glasses per day. Do this treatment three days regularly.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is another efficient remedy. Take a few leaves of mint and boil them in 200 milliliters of water. Drink the tea without adding sugar or honey. Drink around 3-4 glasses a day. Continue this treatment 2-3 days for better results.

Mango Powder


Mango powder is another well-known remedy for this disease. You’ll be able to use the raw mango powder otherwise you can add you in cookery. Oranges, cabbages, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and inexperienced peppers are nice if they're consumed in moderate quantities.