Home Remedies for Sunburn | What Helps a Sunburn Heal Faster?

Live skin tissues affected by radiation of sun are known as sunburn. Harmful ultraviolet rays of sun directly attack on the tissues which results reddish skin. This is a common problem which occurs in the season of summer. People who stay exposed towards sun whole day got affected by the radiation. It is very itchy, irritating and painful, so everybody starts searching home remedies for sunburn after being affected.However it is a normal problem which may occurs in a person of any age group but serious sunburn can be life threatening too. Minor sunburn does not harm the body and heal itself after some time but critical sunburns may cause serious circumstances. Extreme sunburn can be painful which also leads to fever and temporary unconsciousness. Hospitalization may also need in some cases. It is very important to stay aware of sun radiation in summer season. Some home remedies for sunburn are listed below which will surely help you to heal your skin.   

If you are thinking how to get relief summer, then here are some of the  simple, natural home made remedies  which can help you out

Summer Alert. Summer is approaching and is considered as the deadliest of season. With all the heat and sun shining at its extreme, it becomes difficult to go out and enjoy the daylight events. Sometimes, it is too late to realize the effect of UV rays and your skin has transformed into grilled bread. Going by the facts, both the males and females are troubled due to such skin condition. These sunburns are equivalent to scars and they never make you feel any good.

Hence, read this article as you are going to discover effective remedies for removing these sunburns.

Drinking Excessive Amount of Water

One of the major steps to follow during summer is drinking excessive amount of water, this can help your body from dehydration and also helps in offsetting the swelling.


Go inside or in the shade, and stay out of the sun until your sunburn fades. If you expose yourself to more sunlight, it will only make things worse.

Use Fans

Keep your house cool if you feel hot from your sunburn. Close the A/C and use fans to help blow cool air over the skin.

Aloe Vera

Refrigerate the extracted gel of Aloe Vera for 30 minutes and apply the chilled gel on your skin. Allow it to dry on its own so that the medicinal properties can be fully absorbed by the skin. You can also buy Aloe Vera gel from any convenience store. Due to having anti- inflammatory properties, Aloe Vera helps in treating sunburns. Apply chilled Aloe Vera gel on your face for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse your face.

These remedies can be applied twice-thrice during the day for several days depending on the severity of the condition. The nature of the ingredients has soothing properties which can treat sunburn and regain the condition of your skin back to normal. So, you don’t have to be scared of the sun anymore. Thick Gel of aloe Vera plant can be applied on the redness of the epidermal layer of skin, this gives you relief and also blood vessels to constrict. Use this tip twice a day.

Water with Corn Starch

Corn starch paste is soft cool and silky. It helps to sooth the area burnt by sun.

Potato Juice or Peel

You could utilize waste potato peel on the burn for soothing and heeling effect. Alternately, you could blend an unpeeled potato and use that paste.

Sunburn Curing Recipe

The most effective way of removing sunburn is using gram flour. All you need is two tablespoons of gram flour aka besan and half tablespoon of turmeric powder aka haldi and mix it with taking milk or curd as a solvent. You can also simply use water instead. Bathe everyday using this mix. This method takes time, say 2-3 months, but is sent percent effective. Also, gram flour has many advantages for skin like skin brightening, removes excess oil from the skin and also resists skin dryness. With all these added benefits, 2-3 months are worth it. 


There are several creams in the market for sunburns. Some may or may not be suitable for your skin type. Even so, deciding which of the available remedies is best can be a difficult proposition when sunburns crop up suddenly.  Home based remedies for sunburns have no side effects unlike many of those remedies in the market. Knowing and remembering these remedies is a good way to find relief in time.

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