Home Remedies For Uric Acid | How to Control Uric Acid Levels

The accumulation of uric acid in people leads to a condition known as gout.  This is a lifestyle disease and can be controlled to a large extent by observing a few easy to follow steps in daily food habit.  Over the years, it has been observed that certain steps can effectively control and bring remission to the accumulation of uric acid in the human body.  This can lead to a better and drug free lives for a good number of such persons. 


There is no denying the good properties of cherries.  The antioxidant property of chemicals found in cherries help bring damaging uric acid levels with in control.  Often in people that has used cherries to lower uric acid, the tendency to regain the elevated levels before the use of cherries is not prevalent on its discontinuity. 

The more or less permanent nature of relief from heightened levels of uric acid, points to more frequent use of cherries and also better promotion of cherries to control the condition.  It is also desirable that cherries are used at the start of disease to better and quick control of uric acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The anti inflammatory nature of apple cider vinegar does help control the rise of uric acid in people.  A daily dose of apple cider vinegar can bring about appreciable lowering of uric acid in patients of gout.  For long term control of uric acid, a diet that minimizes the use of oils and fats are advised. 

Controlling a certain factor is one thing and removing it completely is another.  With apple cider vinegar, the high levels of uric acid are significantly lowered than would have been possible with the use of any alternate method.  Since the constituents of apple cider vinegar are seasonal in most regions of the world, it pays to keep sufficient stock of the condiment handy at all times.



Bananas are known to lower heightened levels of uric acid in people.  The use of bananas is beneficial in controlling the uric acid and does aid in the better digestion as well.  The availability of this tropical fruit to all parts of the world would add to the general acceptability of its use to everyone. 

In most tropical countries the banana is a fruit that can be had all year around.  This would enable most people to have them without the use of expensive refrigeration and expensive storage methods.  The dexterity in using bananas in a number of dishes only helps with the use of this an all-rounder of fruits. 



Ginger has been recognized by different ancient cultures for its good actions.  There would not be a palette that does not use ginger.  With modern preservation methods, it is possible to include ginger in al manners of cuisine and preparations.  The ginger is packed in with a whole lot of good chemicals that fight inflammation.  This aids in healing and repair of damaged body parts and even the blood vessels. 

Ginger is seen to be very effective in combating heightened uric acid levels on people.  Regular use of ginger in food not only gives a good taste but aids in keeping better health too.  Most cultures are known to use ginger in food for better digestion and better absorption of food by the body.  It does help to taste good too.