Home Remedies to Treat Lumbago | Easy Exercise Program for Low Back Pain Relief

Lumbago is a musculoskeletal problem that is usually associated with pain in the lower back.  It would be safe to say that most people would have experienced this condition at some point or other in their lives.   With the common occurrence of lumbago has meant that a whole lot of Home Remedies to Treat Lumbago are afloat that is aimed at bring relief and in most cases a remission of the condition. 
It is best advised that people who get not remission or that the pain increases with the application of the simple remedy, it is best that the services of a qualified medical practitioner are taken at the earliest. 


Garlic is usually associated with a lot of good stuff that is so ingrained in itself; that people tend to administer a few cloves at the onset of any sort of malady.  This could at times be an auto reaction that has been practiced from generation to generation of people.  Most hand-down remedies have some use for garlic. 

The garlic aims at using its anti inflammatory and anti biotic properties to first lessen the inflation and second to set forth the healing process that is so needed.  It is usually the case that relief is had with minute of ingesting a few cloves of garlic.

Betel leaves

The betel leaves are best mixed with some coconut oil and applied with a hot compress to the region.  Its gives a soothing feeling to the region when applied and in most cases the action is set right on application.  The betel leaves do have an anti inflammatory property that relives any damages muscles and sets forth quick healing. 

It is also advised that this process can be applied even while on any other medication.  It will only fortify any healing action and thus complement any other medication that is being administered. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known to speed up healing that most regions need while injured or damaged.  This can be in the form of supplements or plain food stuff like lemons and other citrus fruits.  Often most doctors are known to prescribe Vitamin C tablets as supplements when encountered by lumbago.  There are not any adverse reactions that have been reported to the use of Vitamin C.

Basil leaves


The Basil leaves are best cooked mixed with potatoes to form a food supplement and should be eaten along with the regular diet.  It is also possible that the healing properties of basil does get accentuated with the mixture with potatoes to form a good fast relief to the painful parts. 


This is without doubt a strong vitamin C carrier and hence most doctors would recommend that lumbago patients do have juices or if not, then some freshly squeezed lemon in the diet along with the salads.  The use of salads is to be increased with patients of lumbago as it stimulates the glands to produce good gastric juices that aids quick digestion and without straining the body. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a good element in reliving the sore muscles in the lower back and can be applied whenever it is convenient.  It helps keep inflammation in check and also speed up healing processes.  Since the pure form of Aloe Vera does not per se react with any of the commonly available medications, it can be used while still on any prescribed medications.