Home Remedies to Treat Sunburn on Dark Skin

Summer is obviously the best time to witness clear skies, enjoy outdoors, and dwell in a lot of activities. On the down side, summer is synonymous with scorching heat, sweat and sun burns. Yes, you cannot simply ignore sunburn caused by overexposure to sun. Sunburn causes irritation, tingling sensation, blisters and red spots. The best way to protect you is preventing sunburn by avoiding exposure during day time.

The time of enjoyment for most people waiting for a sunbath. Although being therapeutic within appropriate and measured time frames, yet a fair amount of spending under the exposure of sun can cause sunburn. To get a relief from this most painful and bothersome experience, people are using various Home Remedies for Sunburn.

Why the Exposure to Sun is important?

A healthy sun exposure can be a wonder for your health as the ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from the sun converts a cholesterol derivative into vitamin D3. Generous amounts of vitamin D and a steroid hormone are produced while the UVB strikes the surface of your skin. By causing a massive health influence, the receptors, responding to Vitamin D, have been undoubtedly created apart leagues from other body nutrients.

What are the Benefits of Vitamin D?

Do you know that vitamin D can simply give us immeasurable benefits?Moreover, on the basis of research analysis on more than 10,000 individuals, it can be easily concluded that a correct amount of vitamin D input in your body may cut your risk of dying in half. You will be simply amazed by the following features of this one-of-a-kind nutrient-
  • Maintaining a robust immune system
  • Supporting cardiovascular health
  • Producing optimal blood pressure levels
  • Enhancing muscle strength
  • Keeping bones and teeth strong and healthy
In addition to these, safe and adequate sun exposure is necessary, as it protects against melanoma and UV damage along with providing other health benefits.

Too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn and it ultimately resulted in skin damages. The sunburn is associated with redness, peeling, irritation, pain, swelling, and unsightly blisters.Actually an acute inflammation of the skin cells, they are highly uncomfortable and generally lasted from 3-7 days. Since chemicals in the sunscreen lotion can cause irritation during the sun exposure, thereby it is better to use various Home Remedies for Sunburn.

Now, let’s look after the reasons for which people are seeking for a natural treatment.     You can use several natural remedies to get rid of sunburn, as they are easily available in our homes, inexpensive, and at the same time provide cooling and soothing effect.

To be on a safer side, take a look at these simple and effective home remedies for sunburn: 

Baking Soda

Due to the alkaline nature, the baking soda generally has a very soothing effect on sunburned skin. In addition to this, you will get relief from the itchy sensation for its antiseptic properties. So, at first add one cup of baking soda in a bathtub filled with cold water and then stir it well. For about 15 minutes you have to soak in the water and after bath pat dry yourself. You can also air dry your body and do this once every day until you get the positive results.


The sunburned skin can also be treated with oatmeal. You can cook oatmeal with enough water until you get a runny consistency. After that completely cool the mixture and liberally apply the same on the damaged skin. Try to avoid rubbing the same on your skin and rinse it off with cool water after half an hour. Depending on the severity, you should follow this remedy two or three times a day.

Black Tea

Do you believe that our favorite tea can heal the irritated and sunburned skin? Yes, tannin in the tea protect the skin from UV radiation damage, reduce inflammation, and also restore the pH balance of the skin. In a pot of hot water, brew two or three teabags for a few minutes. After removing the teabags, cool the liquid to room temperature. Then dab the solution on the affected skin with a soaked cloth. Remember that, you should reapply the same three or four times and leave it, until dries completely. Do not wash it off and continue it for a few days until the condition improves.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

Do you know this great astringent can speedily soothe sunburn pain? Not only that, the presence of acetic acid also helps in easing the itching and inflammation. So, filled your bathtub with tepid water and just add one cup of apple cider vinegar. Keep yourself soaking in this water for about half an hour. As a result, pH level of sunburned skin will be balanced and subsequently promote the healing process. Always remember, apply the remedy once daily and avoid it once you have abrasions on your skin.

Cool Compress

Sunburn is a kind of irritation. Cool compress is one of the quickest, simplest and effective home remedies for sunburn, which costs almost nothing. Instead of water, you can use milk to soothe the damaged skin. Cold milk reduces the heat and the protein helps in faster healing.
Things you need  
  • A clean cloth 
  • Cold water /  Milk
Dip the cloth in cold water and apply on affected spots. It will reduce the irritation and redness of the skin quickly. 

Apply cold compresses on the affected area to heal the sunburn inflammation. The tiny blood vessels constrict by the cold compresses and in turn the same will reduce inflammation and the pain associated with sunburn. A handful of ice cubes should be wrapped in a damp cloth and after that hold on the affected area until it cools. Be assured that your discomfort will be relieved after applying several times a day. Keep remembering, that direct application of ice can damage your skin.

Aloe, The Savior

Skin irritation?  Burns? Spots? Go and get some fresh aloe gel. Aloe is a wonder plant, bliss to mankind from the Mother Nature. It is cool, soothing, moisturizing and a total skin rejuvenator. It subsides skin irritation, inflammation, keeps the skin hydrated, and enhances the skin texture.

Things you need
  • Two or three scoops of fresh aloe gel extracted from matured leaves 
  • Store bought aloe gel
Apply the fresh gel on the affected spots and let it stay for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash it off with running water. 

Explore to ultra violet rays damages your skin, causing pigmentation, red spots, and blisters. Sunburn increases the risks of skin cancer and may lead to sun poisoning, a life threatening condition.

Want to get an excellent healing effect? 

Then surely go for Aloe Vera. The combination of anti-inflammatory and soothing properties can ease the pain and various symptoms associated with the sunburn. Normally, the gel is extracted from a section of an Aloe Vera leaf. After keeping the gel in the refrigerator for half an hour, a light coating of chilled gel should be applied on the sunburned skin. Keep remembering, that the medicinal properties can be fully absorbed only after the coating completely dries itself on the skin. Try to do this five or six times a day for several days depending on the degree of sunburn. You can also apply Aloe Vera gel available in the market, if you do not have any Aloe Vera plant.

Prevention – The First Priority

If you want to dodge sunburn and necessary Home Remedies for Sunburn, then you should take up the prevention as the first priority. Avoidance of sun exposure may decrease your chances of developing skin cancer and help in preventing wrinkles. Try to stay out of the midday sun (from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon), as during that time period sunlight is the strongest. If you are in the outdoors, then you must find a shade. Follow the shadow rule to calculate how much ultraviolet (UV) exposure you are getting into. UV exposure is low if a shadow is longer than you and the UV exposure is high if the case is vice versa. Other ways are wearing protective clothing and using sunscreen. So, go ahead with your planning of outdoor activity during the daytime with adequate protection.

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