Homeopathic Remedies for Flu and Cold | Reliable Treatments for the Flu

The flu or influenza is described as a respiratory ailment which is contagious. It is spread through a cough and sneezing of the infected person. Even touching a shaking hand can cause the flu to spread from an infectious person to you. There are a number of remedies for flu and today we are going to throw light on flu homoeopathic remedies.
Statistically, over 2, 00,000 people suffer from flu everywhere out of which around 36,000 dies. Factually speaking, a there temperate climate is more prone to flu or influenza in winter season while the tropical climate faces it throughout the year.


For a number of times, flu goes undetected until a long time. Hence, it is better to have an understanding towards the symptoms first before moving ahead to the cure. 


If a person is suffering from a high-temperature fever along with cold sweats and shivers then certainly it is the flu. Another symptom is that the person suffering from flu faces severe head and joint aches. The feeling of exhaustion and fatigue constantly prevails occasionally coupled with vomiting and diarrhoea. These symptoms might persist until a week or more.


Flu is not serious always, however, there are some set of people who are more vulnerable to the flu than rest of the population. These set of people include the individuals ageing above 65, pregnant ladies, newborn babies, individuals with kidney or respiratory disorders. Additionally, people suffering from diabetes, undergoing cancer treatment or in taking steroids are also affected mostly.  This depends upon person to person lately.


Homoeopathy is one of the safe and most reliable treatments for the flu. The flu homoeopathic remedies carry no side effects on the individuals and hence it is widely preferred across the nations. Terminologically, homoeopathic is referred to a holistic medical therapy which is consists of matching the symptoms of the sick individual with the corresponding medicine.


Bryonia is one of the flu homoeopathic remedies which is most frequently prescribed. This involves a headache, body ache and dry cough. The person would also show the sign of irritation and face spikes of fever after 9 pm. Another one is Gelsemium which focuses on fatigue, sleepiness and drowsiness occurring in the individual. This medicine is prescribed if the individual feels weak all the time and sleeps 2-3 hours extra than normal. 


Eupatorium is yet another medicine of homoeopathic that is prescribed when the patient complains about bone aches. There are occasions when muscles pain occurs in the individuals however, this medicine is solely focused on the occurrence of bone aches. 


Sabadilla is also a medicine that is given to the individual if he or she is sneezing more often. Sneezing can be immensely tiring and annoying. In the case of swollen throat, the same medicine is prescribed to the patient.

There are a number of homoeopathic medicines that help you battle with flu effortlessly. Owing to the numerous reasons it is widespread and one of its kind of medication system. Homeopathic can be used for chronic as well as acute conditions. It can be used on pregnant ladies and even infants. Another benefit of homoeopathy is that it is an individualised symptom of medicine that merely doesn’t treat the symptoms but the patient.

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