Household Remedies for Cough You Didn’t Know About

As the climate changes a lot of us end up catching a cold which later changes into the cough. Coughing can surely be annoying to you as well as the people surrounding you. There are numerous over the counter medicines available that relief you. However, it is best to turn yourself towards household remedies.

Types Of Coughs

Before moving to remedies let us first observe the two types of coughing conditions. Primarily the two types of coughs are a dry cough and productive cough. A dry cough is usually caused due to allergies, dust or even a random tickle at the back of your throat. However, once it starts it becomes tough to control. On the other hand, productive cough should not be suppressed. A productive cough consists of mucus that your body must get rid of.

There are a number of household remedies for cough that would sooth down the coughing condition and help you deal with your cold. These household remedies carry no side effects hence these are widely preferred.



Honey owns anti-bacterial properties which aid in getting rid of a cough. You can give honey to the kids or even the old age people. Consuming the honey twice a day along with roasted black salt effectively helps you in dealing with a cough. Alongside you can also consider gargling using warm water and salt every night before falling asleep. In the case of a sore throat, this becomes an effective home remedy.

Taking Steam

Additionally, taking steam is considered one of the most efficient household remedies for cough. All you need to do is heat the water till you see strong steams and add essential oils to it. You further need to bend your head and cover yourself with the towel. Make sure that the steam enters your nostrils. Steaming regularly loosens the mucus allowing your body to get rid of a cough easily.

Turmeric and Black Pepper

Turmeric and black pepper are yet another one of the important household remedies for cough. You need to boil a cup of water and add turmeric into it along with black pepper. You also need to add honey and take the dose twice daily. You can also consider mixing the turmeric with hot milk and drink it every night before sleeping.



 Subsequently owing to its anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties garlic play a key role in combating with the cough. Eating the cloves of crushed garlic along with honey and clove oil can definitely relieve your from a cough that turns out to be annoying. Also, smelling the strong vapours of onions can also relieve you from a cough. Otherwise regular intake of onion juice mixed with honey can work wonders.

Drinking Milk with Honey

A dry cough can sometimes lead to chest pain. However drinking milk with honey can surely reduce the chest pain. Each night before going to sleep drink a glass of hot milk along with the honey. Also, consider drinking more and warmer water instead of regular one. Drinking warm water helps in loosening the cough so that your body can get rid of it sooner.

Coughing can further become a serious ailment if not treated properly hence it is always advisable to try curing it as soon as you can. The given natural remedies can surely do wonders in resolving the coughing issue of yours. The home remedies would contribute in building a stronger immunity system as well.