Simple Yet Effective Remedies To Get Rid Of Cough

A cough as you know can be a dry cough or wet cough. It is embarrassing to cough in front of others, but it is unavoidable as well because usually, it is involuntary action. Wet or a productive cough makes you rush to the washroom to get rid of that phlegm.
You desperately seek some respite as a cough seems determined to trouble you for the next seven days or so. Luckily, there are some traditional remedies to get rid of cough and the pain it causes in the throat. These remedies are not only inexpensive but are also fairly easy to use.  Moreover, they are no placebos; they actually work, unlike many of the cough medications available in the market. You could begin by avoiding the causes of a cough, though some of them such as allergens and dust in public places or dry cold weather are factors on which you’d have little or no control. Some people are allergic to perfumes as well as sprays.

Avoid Alcohol

 But the biggest culprit is the smoke, whether from something burning outside the home or inside as well. Cigarettes and other forms of tobacco are best avoided.

Gargling with Warm Water

 A persistent cough does have an adverse effect on your throat.  Gargling with warm water can have a really soothing effect. Don’t forget to add a little salt to it. But even before that, try drinking water frequently, to prevent the dryness of the throat. Not only does it reduce pain in the throat; it also brings down the number of coughing bouts. 

Inhaling Steam Vapors

Inhaling steam vapors can soften up any mucus that has dried up and hardened in your respiratory system and sinuses. This mucus flows out as phlegm, giving immense relief from a headache and discomfort. It also brings down the infection in the process. Bathing with warm water also offers similar relief.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea boiled with slightly pound ginger can also sooth the throat. The other tea alternatives include tea made from licorice root or thyme. Thyme sprigs are known to have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties since ancient times.

Licorice Root

It can clear up the respiratory system, make breathing easy, and reduce cough bouts. Licorice root, on the other hand, has glycyrrhizin, which is a sugary substance. This substance triggers an anti-inflammatory process in the body.

Some Remedies to Get Rid of Cough

Apart from ginger, thyme, and licorice root, honey, mint, pepper, and lemon also form part of some remedies to get rid of cough. Watermelon, elderberry, button mushrooms, yogurt, spinach, sweet potato, broccoli, and garlic are also known to improve the immune system.

Beat Chicken Soup


But none can beat chicken soup for relief from cold as well as cough while being tasty as well. Hard candy and lozenges are other remedies to get rid of cough, especially at bedtime, for that peaceful sleep in the night.

Vapor Rubs

Vapor rubs are available for topical application. These are to be “rubbed” on chest. Basically, these topical applications for coughs and colds contain some oils, menthol, or camphor. They are effective in controlling cough.


  1. These remedies for treating cough, controlling it, or providing relief from it are not necessarily good for people from all age groups. In fact, many of them are not to be used on little babies and children under 7 or so. 
  2. Even pregnant women should take care of what they are taking. The medications available for treating cough usually contain decongestants and expectorants, apart from some anti-bacterial ingredients.
  3. Anti-bacterial properties are not effective against the cold and cough virus. Decongestants are available as nasal sprays as well, but using these in moderation is the key to being cured of cold and cough.

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