Try Out These Quick Home Remedies for Cough | Home Remedies for Cough Works Best for You

Cough is the major issue come across in majority number of people, it may be adults or children . Having a severe cough can be frustrating. Severe cough can get anytime but mostly in winters, you can try some of the  quick remedies for cough. Basically cough are of two types dry and wet type.
Wet cough produces fluid discharge called sputum and dry cough will not produce any septum but it can give a very tough time, dry cough can be irritating to lungs and throat. But that’s  not a problem, in order to get quick relief from cough  try these quick  home remedies for cough and  you can get instant relief from irritating symptoms.


Having an antiviral property, ginger mostly found in cough syrups, you can get immense relief from the ginger root, by extracting a juice from it , strain the solution and add so half teaspoon of honey to it . Take this decoction twice a day and observe the results. You can even chew some ginger slices if possible for better results.

Thyme Tea

If you are battling a dry cough, thyme tea can be used as a quick remedy.It is rich in flavonoids  that gives you comfort from sore throat and cough. Thyme oil can also be consumed to ease cough.


Peppermint is one of the natural remedy for dry cough. It contains menthol that open up block nose and decongestant the blocked airways. Add few drops of peppermint oil in a boiling water and inhale the vapors with a towel covered fully your head. You can also take peppermint tea and honey decoction . Take this mixture twice a day for best results

Raw Garlic

Consume raw garlic, it not only boosts up your immunity but also alleviate the cough symptoms, it have an excellent antibacterial properties for cough. Add 3-4 crushed garlic in water and boil if for five minutes. Cool it to the room temperature, and drink it.  Turmeric is also a simple and natural way for cough. Take hot turmeric milk twice a day for quick relief from cough.


Turmeric can also be added  in the herbal tea, and boil it for few minutes then add half a cup of milk and one teaspoon of honey for favor.  Drink it twice a day , you can observe an improvement in cough symptoms.

Green Tea with Honey

Green tea with honey is also a good remedy for cough.Most number of people go for this remedy to alleviate cough.

Cinnamon Tea

Even cinnamon tea has proven a good remedy for dry cough and it soothe a dry throat. Prepare a cinnamon tea decoction and consume if you feel itching throat. Take a half teaspoon of black pepper powder and add honey to it, and chew it you will feel sudden relief from a cough, or you can mix it in a water or warm milk, take it twice a day. Boil water and add one teaspoon of salt to it, gargle it for few minutes. This can also helps in curing the cough. Hope all the above home remedies for cough works best for you. And the final tip is that if the cough is too much severe then consult a physician as it may be the sign of chronic illness.