Home Remedies for Insect Bites | Genius Ways To Relieve Bug Bites

There are many people who are more susceptible to insect bites than others. Insect’s bites are very common and they often result in redness and swelling in the injured area. Sometimes a bite of insect can cause a life-threatening allergic reaction. There are many bites that can be healed on their own without consulting a doctor. There are many home remedies for insect bite that can help you to relieve your pain and can also help you to prevent from infection which causes from a bite of an insect.
In summers mainly all of these insect bites are really killing our mood. These insect repellents can scare off the insects but do not guarantee around the clock protection. So whenever you stumble upon the insect bite don’t go to the medical store but try these home remedies for insect bite which will offer you instant relief they are as follows:


Honey is an anti-inflammatory and can make the itching a little less tempting and definitely offer you instant relief after an insect bite.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as coconut oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil that will alleviate itching, pain and swelling. In particular tea tree oil are also anti-bacterial which assist your body in preventing from infection and from unnecessary scratching.

Milk and Water

You have to mix water and milk both in equal parts, then dip the cloth such as old T-shirt and handkerchief into that mixture and dab your skin.

Lime juice

These juicy fruits are the powerhouses which offer itch relief and are also antibacterial, after applying it on an insect bite, always remember not to expose your skin under the sun as it can burn your skin.


Basil is not just limited to the kitchen as it contains chemicals such as camphor which creates a cool feeling same as menthol in toothpaste. You only have to crush the leaves and directly apply on the insect bite. It is said to be most effective home remedies for insect bite.


The menthol present in the toothpaste creates a cooling sensation on your skin and that is a way it is proved to be one of the effective and best home remedies for insect bite. Your brain instantly picks up on this feeling which comes by this menthol which is present in the toothpaste and also the intrinsic astringency of toothpaste helps reducing swelling caused by an insect bite.


It is also one of the best home remedies of insect bite as it helps to stop itching because of its small acidic levels. You only have to dab it on the individual spots, if your skin is very sensitive then you can mix it in a warm water bucket and can soak that insect bite portion onto it. If you will use apple cider vinegar then it will work like a magic.

Tea bags

Cool tea bags can also help to offer you relief after insect bite as it draws fluid out of a bite a result in reducing itching and swelling.


You can use ice cube also to reduce itching a swelling as it is the easily available out of all other home remedies of insect bite.