10 Awesome Masculine Living Space Design Ideas in Different Styles

Let’s face it, when it comes to decorating a living space, men have a better knack if choosing interesting furniture items than women. While women strive for uniformity, and worry about colors and how things look with each other, men are more daring and choose things that look cool, hence more often than not, a room decorated by a man looks cooler and much more fun, than a classy elegant look that emanates from rooms decorated by women. So Here are Some Awesome Masculine Living Space Design ideas:

Contrasting Walls:

This is a simple but cool way of decorating your living space. If your walls are of lighter color, choose furniture that is of darker color, or vice versa. This immediately makes your furniture jump out, rather than blend in to the background.

Rough Edges:

Men usually like living on the edge, with a hint of danger looming around the corner, thus this should also reflected in how you choose your furniture. Choose furniture that has a little bit of a rough edge to it.

You Can Never Go Wrong with Wood:

When in doubt always go with wood. If you are faced with a situation, where you have to choose between 2 furniture items, where 1 is wood and the other is made of any other item, always go with the wooden furniture, as this always gives a masculine feeling to it. Unless of course the other looks cooler, then just go with that.


While this is not exactly an only masculine thing to do, the way you do it, decides whether it is masculine or feminine. While women, like to build photo walls, and try and bring all the attention to one place, men are generally all over the place, and thus men prefer spreading out their photographs around the house.

Seemingly Pointless Items:

While women like to have their living spaces clean and tidy, with items that serve some purpose, men like to purchase things that look cool, which may not always serve a purpose for the area other than looking cool.


Women usually like to have simple drawings that look somewhat plain; men prefer to have extravagant artwork that looks really cool.


A normal idea for a rug would be something soft and fluffy, and this is what a woman would choose, but when it comes to men, they prefer to go with rough animal skin rugs, as they look cooler than an ordinary rug, and in most cases they seem to work out.

Side Stools:

This is probably where a man’s choice defers mostly from a woman. A man prefers to have a side stool that serves the purpose, regardless of how it looks, a woman would generally choose something that goes with both the room, and the furniture in it.

Leather Seats:

When it comes to sofas and seating arrangements, men always prefer leather over soft cushions, as it is way easier to clean, and it also gives a rough look to the entire area.


A man’s touch is mostly signified by the darkness in the room. While women would want the rooms to be bright, a man prefers the rooms to be dark, with just enough light to navigate around the place.

Following these guidelines mentioned above, will definitely give you living space a masculine  touch, and let’s be honest, no matter what a woman says, she definitely thinks it’s cool when man expresses himself when decorating his living space, and women also secretly love a man’s choices more than their own.