10 Beautiful Wall Mirror Ideas for Your Living Room

A wall mirror brings out a level of sophistication and elegance to your living room, like no other decoration can ever do. A wall mirror will not only make your living room look bigger than what it is, it also adds that unique touch that we all strive so hard to get when it comes to our living rooms. So here are 10 beautiful wall mirror ideas for your living room:

Large Mirrored Walls:

Large Mirrored Walls.jpg

Using large mirrored walls is a little expensive, but it actually shows your room to be bigger than it actually is, while at the same time making your furniture in front of it to stand out.

Light Mirror:

Light Mirror.jpg

These mirrors are placed on the opposite sides to where the windows are. The purpose of placing them in such a way is so that, when the light from the windows fall on to the mirror, it is reflected around the room, making the room brighter.

Mirror above the Chimney:

Mirror above the Chimney.jpg

The purpose of placing a mirror above a chimney is to bring some class to the room. The minute someone walks into a room, and sees a mirror on top of your chimney, they would know you are someone with some class.

Mirror Walls:

Mirror Walls.jpg

These walls, unlike large mirror walls, are made of smaller mirrors placed in a certain area of the wall; these walls are more used as decorations than anything else. But they do bring out a level of sophistication to your living room.

Mirror above the Sofa:

Mirror above the Sofa.jpg

It is hard to explain how, but the minute you place a mirror above your sofa, the room makes you look like a powerful person. Be it whether that is how it looks when they show powerful people in movies, or whether are brain is set to associate this with power by default, a mirror above your sofa, gives a powerful vibe.

Framed Mirrors:

Framed Mirrors.jpg

These are just simple mirrors, placed inside frames on the wall. Even though they seem like simple things, in reality, they carry a powerful message; that is the best painting in the world is the painting of you.

Puzzle Mirror:

Puzzle Mirror.jpg

These mirrors are made up of smaller mirrors, placed side by side, to make it look like a puzzle. The purpose of this mirror is nothing but to just look good in the room; however the addition of a puzzle mirror to any room makes it look a lot more elegant, than rooms without one.

Mirror opposite a Table:

Mirror opposite a Table.jpg

Adding a mirror opposite a table, makes you feel like you’ve always got company while sitting at the table. This is particularly useful for those who constantly find themselves alone. However if you are suffering from depression or other psychological issues, you need to talk to someone else; you cannot pretend to talk to the person in the mirror.

Fan Mirrors:

Fan Mirrors.jpg

These mirrors are just strips of mirrors, placed in such a way that it looks like a fan. The purpose of these mirrors is purely decoration and nothing else.

Fragmented Mirrors:

Fragmented Mirrors

Just like Puzzle mirrors, these mirrors are made up of smaller mirror pieces, arranged to a particular shape. These may not have a strong purpose for being there, however a fragmented mirror symbolizes that you care about how people look at you, and want to look beautiful all the time.

As you can see, a mirror or mirrors placed in your living room, can go a long way in how others perceive you to be, and it also gives you a chance to impress those you are interested in by just placing a mirror in your living room, as the living room is where everyone congregates most of the time.