10 Colorful Accessories That Look Great With White Walls

A white wall is always flawless and soothing piece of admiration. Although, in long run it feels boring, when left untouched, a white wall is a base for any type or format of decor.My suggestion for a white wall is multiple, it's either light coloured concept teamed with mild colored accessories or bright colours upholstery with bright coloured accessories. Since our surroundings tend to influence our mood and output, my suggestion, right front would be, bright coloured teamed up with bright curtains and furnishings.


Furry carpets ormordern carpets selectively of dashing colours like red, pruple which gels with the upholstery as well as the white wall is my choice. It compliments the white wall and enhances the look of the house. Proper choice of lights, and its intensity can modify the look of a carpet.


Curtains of standard bright colours that match the furniture and accessories are great eye catchers. Since its a white wall, I will always prefer bright, large prints with simple ripple folds. An addition of drapes in desirable pattern will do the magic.


Mirror of any shape, be like square , oval, rectangle with heavy metal embossed framed will do a great job in enhancing the white wall. The embossing being simple or heavy depends on the other accessories of the house. But a mirror is must must for a white wall. It add to value not only in beautyfying but also in balancing the energies of the room.


To feel lively, informal sofas are great choice. A unusual contrast colour sofas works well with a white background ., eg, yellow and flashy flourescent green and pink. The colour of the carpet ,which serves to be the base of the sofa ,has to be kept in mind , before selecting the sofa. The place if relaxing can be lit according to mood and choice.


Colourful display shelves of various colours can be fixed,or wall mounted. Beautiful show pieces of different colours and sizes can be displayed.


Large porcelain , coloured pots can placed in corners , near windows. Pots of different shapes and sizes will do the trick. Huge pots can be paired up with artificial flowers of different colours. To have changes floral arrangement of various colours can be set up. Live green indoor plants are a great choice. They add to the ambience of a place, and moreover green is great colour to go with white.

Photo Frames

A particular wall can be alloted for photo frame . Vast collections of photo frames of various colours and shapes are available in the market. Nothing ethinic but coloured modern photo frame will be magical.


Large wall stickers that cover a whole wall or three-fourth of the wall are easy decors for a white wall. A contrast coloured sticker always stands out and draws the attention. The selection of the sticker should be as per the other accessories of the room. Then its sure to be a eye catcher.

Wall Hangings

Catchy wall hangings , which feels creative, and could be a little colourful. It is sure to be a show stopper. Wall hangings vary in choice with ones taste. And there are wide available choice in the market.


The above mentioned are lively, only if proper lighting is set up. So selection of lights is a impotant task to enhance the look of a white room. The lights by itself can be a good accessory. Different instensity of lights in different areas of the room, add to the luxury of the room.

These are few points to add to the beauty of a White wall.

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