10 Home Office Storage Ideas

11:05 PM

Creating a dedicated office space in your home is often tricky unless you have a spare room in which to get organized, but regardless of whether your space is large or small, organization is key and that’s where the best storage ideas come in handy. So take a look at our top ten ideas to get you started.

1. Open shelves are a good place to start as they provide easy access to all your bits and bobs, but the important thing is to keep them free of clutter, not just to allow you to find things easily, but also because they are on display for everyone to see. Wire racks and baskets are a good alternative above a desk and add a utilitarian feel, or try a notice board on which you can pin important notes and papers. These are fairly quick and easy to make yourself with a picture frame and some fabric.

2. Boxes and letter files are useful additions on your desktop to store items you use frequently, but to stop them looking too business-like, cover them with your favorite wrapping paper, wallpaper or fabric to create a cohesive theme. A storage ottoman or trunk is the perfect place to store your paperwork, but invest in hanging files or separate folders to keep everything separate.

3.If you have the space, invest in purpose-built office storage, such as a dedicated filing cabinet or chest of drawers to keep all your paperwork organised. There are lots of versions around these days that would fit perfectly into a contemporary home office scheme, try Ikea or John Lewis for a range of affordable options.

4. Keep home office paperwork ship-shape, neatly filed away in decorative boxes. A wire wall basket holds onto cards and invitations until you have a spare moment to reply.

5. Papers, receipts, cards and photos – find a dedicated space in your home office for them all. A storage ottoman, kitted out with hanging files and useful memo board, is perfect. Line in country-style badger fabric for good measure!

6. Fixed to the wall above a reclaimed elm work desk, a simple plank shelf with cast iron supports completes a casual workspace. Vintage wooden boxes and crates provide extra office storage.

7. Create a special place for CDs, memory sticks and chargers in suitcases sporting a floral theme – so pretty you’ll want to keep them out on display.

8. A rustic chest with a distinctive lettered front is the ideal spot to stash away home office equipment. Use the top as an extra display space and include a music system to help while away the hours.

9.Find space on a country desk for a set of wooden drawers. Perfect for organizing paperwork, the wooden drawers have a timeless feel in keeping with the rustic table and chair

10.Employ the rungs of a decorative ladder to keep relevant newspaper or magazine features in clear view. Team with a versatile wire storage rack so that notebooks stay neat and organised.


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