5 Creative And Interesting Ways To Decorate A Big Sized Flat


We definitely feel like garnish and beautiful big sized flat. But the intention to quit when thinking about the size of a small room.Tasted blind and helpless. Actually, the room size is not a problem if you have the financial ability to build something in a small room. In fact, it is also practical in accordance with our needs.

1. The interior decoration and furniture arrangement is suitable for a size 8 or 10 x 10 feet x 10 feet.  With shades of white wall impact the size of the visible area. All the furniture is arranged close to the wall to provide a relatively comfortable living room. It fits with a single bed, bookshelf, desk and closet. Apply paint or wallpaper to the ceiling to make it look tall. Painted ceilings, wallpaper, or anything else that catches the eye to stare up will make the room look more spacious.

2. But if love is not a white-colored walls, can consider this color tone. Furniture layout is almost the same as the example. This may correspond to the men's room. Create large windows for lots of natural light coming in. Decoration with the help of nature will make the room more spacious and character.

3. This room is also suitable for the width of 7 feet and extends between 10-12 feet. Bed placed horizontally and create a wall of bookshelves. A raised bed so that the bottom can be used as a suitable rack drawers for clothes or other items. Desk placed next to the bed which is likely size of 1.5 feet x 3 feet only. So there is a void between 5.5 feet. Quite extensive and can be a place of prayer. Chest was placed on the side wall to form an aisle toward the door. Use light colors on walls and floors. Bright colors on the walls and floors will reflect light, so the room looks more spacious.

4. You can also consider design-design like this to the size and shape of a rectangle that is the same length. Make sure that the empty spaces in between 3 to 4 feet in order not to feel too cramped and the selection of wall colors and furniture to match. Tip for smaller rooms such as these is the use of laminated furniture under the bed space for other uses. Unlike habit just to put a shoe box only. Apply the same paint to the entire room, especially those that are not insulated. For example living room with kitchen. The uniformity of this color gives the impression of relief.

5. If you have to share a room and its small size room for one person, may design, this design can spark ideas for you. Again it uses the concept of tiered or layered for furniture to maximize the use and needs. Avoid using unnecessary details. These details include tassels on curtains or tablecloths. Such details will actually make the room feel full. How about these ideas for small-sized room? Did you think of something to revamp your room?