7 Brilliant Ideas for Boy and Girl Kids Shared Bedroom

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If your family is either too big, or if you just can’t afford to give each of your children their own room, it may be a good idea to ask them to share a room. Especially if you just have only a girl and a boy, as this would also instill in them the need to respect each other’s privacy from a young age, as well teach them to treat each other as equals. Studies have shown, that in cases where 2 siblings of opposite genders share a room as kids, grow up to have a very strong bond with each other. What more could we ask for as parents, than that.

Of course, with shared girl and boy bedrooms, you have to face a lot more challenges, than having an only boys’ room or an only girls’ room, as their bedrooms influence their lives, more than any other room in the house. Here are some ideas that you can use when decorating your children’s bedroom.

Choose a Gender Neutral Color for the Walls:

Boy and Girl Kids Shared Bedroom.jpg

You may want to avoid colors that are generally considered as either boyish, or girlish, as this would influence the child of the opposite gender to think it is normal to be either girlish or boyish. A fail proof color to go with could be a color like yellow, or brown or even white.

Expression Wall:

It is also a good idea to have a plain wall opposite their beds, and ask them to draw something or express themselves on that wall. This would teach them to never be afraid of showing their talents, which would in turn make them feel confident in themselves.

Avoid Posters

You may need to put your leg down on this matter, and tell your kids you do not want posters of Barbies® or Wrestlers or even actors in your children’s room. As the characters in these posters influence how your children grow up to be.

Separate Toy Boxes:

Separate Toy Boxes.jpg

Kids are usually, inclined to sharing their toys with their siblings, but this would also teach them to put away their toys once they have finished playing with it.

Bunk Beds:

Children are usually very imaginative, and let their imaginations go wild. Be it whether they want to build a fort, or even play make believe pirate ships, a bunk bed will help with their imagination.

A Common Study Area:

Common Study Area.jpg

Children usually imitate what others do, so having a common study area in your room, where your children could sit and study together, would motivate the other child to study when he/she sees the other studying.

This may not be a mind blowing idea, but it could be useful to have a curtain in between your children’s beds. This would teach them to respect each other’s space, and learn to respect each other’s privacy when they clearly don’t want to be disturbed.

 These 7 ideas, may not be some of the mind blowing ideas out there today, as most ideas usually concentrate on having extravagant designs, but following these ideas will teach your children important lessons in life, which are more important than having a room that looks like it’s out of a cartoon.

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