Serene Japanese Living Room Decor Ideas

To enrich the traditional essence and custom of the living room, it is better to opt for the Japanese style of living rooms. The key points to be taken into consideration while designing the living in the Japanese style are decorating the room with the natural wooden and green plants like Bonsai and Bamboo.

When a living room is decorated with these kinds of wooden plants along with the traditional Japanese Kokatsu heater table, a multipurpose table and shoji curtains, tatami renowned traditional Japanese mat in a bundle of pack makes the living room traditionally with Japanese style.

Low Height Table for Tea:

No matter concern about the size of the living room, presence of low height tea table paired with suitable furniture or cushion alone is the best Japanese style. Japanese, usually, prefer to low high table than height enough ones. The walls of the tea ceremony hall should be coated with natural shades like cream, woody, fade out yellow and green colors. Here comes the use of Kokatsu a traditional heating table meant for all purpose starting from tea to studying and the table is furnished with low level furniture or cushion alone.

Bamboo Curtain and Furniture:

As already told the use of Bamboo and Bonsai plant as ornamental interior will adds up more essence to the living room. Especially the Bamboo curtains for the windows and for other purpose like Television unit’s screen, departing the rooms into halves, etc. these types of Bamboo curtain occupy less space and enrich the aesthetic sense of the living room. Similarly, the Bamboo furniture cushioned with suitable cushion and the ornamental Bamboo and Bonsai plants will also add value to the living room.

Shoji Screens for Japanese Style of Living Rooms:

Shoji screens are the next symbol of Japanese style of living rooms. Coating the walls of the living room with the usual fade out or dull shades and hanging the shoji screens to the window area will the apt choice for any living room in Japanese style.

Tatami Mat:

The next unbeatable sign of Japanese tradition will be the Tatami mat. Laying the tea table with suitable cushion or chairs with cushion over the tatami mat will lift up the entire look of the living room as a Japanese room. In addition to this, replacing the table with kokatsu will change the complete atmosphere into a Japanese mood.

Apart from the above all the mode of signs and symbol of Japanese tradition, coating the walls of the living room with suitable natural shades and furniture also join hands in designing a Japanese style of living room. Screening each and every inch of the shelf, windows with appropriate curtains, lighting with suitable designer lamps and wall hangings will also add value to the living room. Since, Japanese style of living room is more peaceful and serene to heart compared to other Asian styles of living room, it is better to choose the same style to design the living room.

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