Ten Daring Glass Bedroom Design Ideas

Number 1

  1. An room with dark colored hues separated from the rest of the house by clear glass retractable walls.

  2. Everything in the room, from the dark bed sheets and pillows, to the artwork on the wall, to the two aubusson rugs on the floor can be seen from the living room space through the clean or spotless glass partitions.

  3. The design defying a bedroom's nature of being private.

Number 2

  1. A marvelous room design would be installing floor to ceiling glass on three of the walls of the room overlooking the gardens and to the views beyond.

  2. This room would be ideal if the person that occupies them likes waking up to amazing landscape of greenery with flowers, if they are in bloom, and whatever scenery beyond.

  3. Downside is that the occupant's mind would probably play tricks on them during the night when the view is pitch black and they cannot see anything.

Number 3

  1. Imagine living in a house deep within the woods. The room that you occupy has floor to ceiling glass on three sides. Wonderful isn't it?

  2. Waking up every morning on your white platform bed and seeing the beautiful but untamed wilderness outside.

  3. Seeing the view instantly evokes being energized, that you can take on the day.

Number 4

  1. How about taking up residence in the top floors of a skyscraper building of condominiums?

  2. With floor to ceiling walls of glass, the view below would be extraordinary!

  3. Seeing the other skyscrapers and tall buildings of the city during the hours with light and then seeing the lights twinkle on those other buildings and on the street during the night. Like moving stars on the ground.

Number 5

  1. A small dark themed room design of the walls and floor painted a coal grey. The platform bed following suit. Two curved light fixtures hang from the wall at the head of the bed.

  2. One thing though, instead of a ceiling made of normal materials such as boards and drywall, how about glass?

  3. The result would be an incredible sun roof where you can see the stars at night.

Number 6

  1. Within a house overlooking amazing ocean views is a room.

  2. A beautifully wide room that is classic but understated, with floor to ceiling glass windows, huge stone fireplace in the middle and a platform bed with coffee colored sheets and pillows.

  3. Simply described as cool but iconic, overlooking the beach outside, The area couldn't be anything but awesome!

Number 7

  1. Anyone wouldn't be able to resist the charm of this dark and classy but glorious room.

  2. The wall and beautiful furnishings such as the half tester bed and it's sheets and pillows in the different shades of blue-grey.

  3. The masterpiece though, or pièce de résistance, are the floor to ceiling windows that provide the occupant the most amazing view of the white sand beach scattered with tall palm trees.

Number 8

  1. Tradition exudes from this Japanese style room with floor to ceiling, wood framed windows. Windows that overlook an amazing but quaint bonsai garden situated right in the middle of the house.

  2. With floors made of treated wood arranged according to Japanese standards and a cozy low platform bed with a lot of cushions, duvets, sheets and pillows, the space could only be described as comfortable.

  3. Ideal for those people who are book worms whose afternoons are spent cozying in bed with a good book.

Number 9

  1. A wide white walled attic room that boasts windows that are frosted three fourths of the way and a white ceiling.

  2. What's special about this room is that the frosted windows are in a continuous strip running from the center of one wall to the corner to the center of the adjacent wall. Holding the panes in place to opening and closing them would be possible are metal rods embedded in the wall.

  3. Another special feature of the room is the clear glass slope that connects the roof to one wall which make it light and airy.

Number 10

  1. Forget the specially designed glass room! How about a two story glass house!

  2. Three hundred and sixty degree views thanks to the floor to second floor ceiling glass walls.

The space is incredibly lighted when the weather is good and when the occupant needs privacy, heavy curtains are hung all around. All that's needed are to pull them.