10 Convenient Chalet Dining Zone Design Ideas

Dining Area

A dining area with high ceilings but low lights for that intimate feel. Clear glass doors to the patio and a window where, on one side, is decorated with a beautiful china cabinet on the other is your basic kitchen storage.The simple wooden dining table comfortable seats six. A few steps Chalet Dining Zone Design Ideas from table is a kitchen island that separates the dining area and the kitchen. It also serves as an extra seating area if there are more than six people eating at a time.

Wooden Table with benches on Each Side

In the middle of the dining area is a heavy but untreated, wooden table with benches on each side. The whole set up, parallel to the huge windows covered with dark cream drapes.On a beam at the head of the table, antique metal bells hang by thick ribbons of a dark color.From the ceiling, a chandelier made from antlers hang.On the table, place mats, the cutlery and the china are set.

Lighting Hanging

A patio dining area with a heavy dining table that seats eight. Faux fur blanketing the chairs.Lighting hanging from the ceiling is encased in wood weave balls.Barbeque cooker is at the corner with a chimney to get rid of smoke when cooking.


Classic space with a heavy dining table and cream-colored, upholstered chairs. On the table are centerpiece plants. On the floor is a handmade rug.Next to the table is a heavy stone fireplace that has candles on its shelf. On either side, a glass door to the patio. Hanging from the ceiling is a chandelier made out of white wash antlers.

Glass Ornament

A quaint area with a simple table that seats eight. Off to one side is a simply carved cupboard for the china and cutleries. Hanging from one of its boards is a small clock.Behind the head of the table are the windows and on the sills are different small-potted herbs and stone or glass ornament. Mats, plates and cutleries are arranged on the table and above it, a chandelier of glass hangs.

Ceiling Windows

A dining area next to the floor to ceiling windows and door to the balcony. The dining table that seats six has tree stumps for legs and the chairs are quite wide. A plant that resembles a ball and pottery serve as center pieces on the table while antlers surround the  lighting that hangs on the ceiling.Here are few some chalet dining zone design ideas.

Window Shades

An area with whitewashed walls and window shades. Mounted on the wall between two windows is a dark metal frame that serves as storage area for some plates and pottery.The round dining table that seats seven is made of wood. The frame painted in a dark cocoa color while the top is untreated in any way.On the table is a white bowl of green peaches. A handmade rug the color of coffee and cream decorates the floor.


An open area on the balcony where one can greatly appreciate the view. At the center on the space is a heavy wood dining table with benches on both sides instead of chairs. On these benches are pillows with fur cases just in case one's bum is tired of the hard wood.Hanging lights on the walls provide illumination when dining outside at night time.


A cozy dining space next to the large fireplace that is flanked by wood storage. For those cold days.On the fireplace shelf are candles to set the mood. Under that are two hanging lights.On the table is a rose arrangement as a center piece and china with cutlery and napkins, clear and colored glasses carry water, and a rustic lamp with a small single candle in it.

Rustic Space

A rustic space with an aged but heavy and study table and chairs. Right at the corner, by the windows with white blinds, is a white couch. next to which is a door to the deck that has cream drapes.Contrary to the timeworn theme of the space, the light fixtures that above the table and by the sofa are modern inspired. On the table is a bottle of dried twigs that serve as a centerpiece chalet dining zone design ideas.