10 Insanely Cool DIY Projects For Home

Have you ever get bored on your house and want to do something to decorate your house? We have a few DIY things to change your boredom into something that will decorate your house, just remember to clean up so it didn’t became such a mess.

1.Fast Pancake Breakfast

Don’t you feel too lazy to get up in the morning to make your breakfast? Why don’t you make your own pancake batter that can be stored on the fridge for a few days, it’s easy, you just need to make the pancake batter and then put into a unused mineral bottle using a funnel if you have to so it didn’t become messy and store it in the fridge, you can also mix the ingredient on the bottle, just put all of the ingredient on the bottle then shake it so it become mixed.

2.Making a Freezer Photo Magnet from Unused Carboard

It’s easy to make this thing you just need some glue,scissors/cutter, a unused carboard and a magnet. First of all you have to scale the photo on the cardboard, draw the outer line of the photo on the card and then cut it with your scissors or cutter, and then stick the photo on one of the cardboard side using your glue and then take the magnet and stick it into the other side of the cardboard, then you have it.

3. Make your Vase from Unused Can

This is a perfect DIY if you want to put some flowers, first of all make sure that one side (the bottom or the top)of your can is opened and then you just need to get yourself a white spray then spray it over the can and then it’s done, a simple vase made out of can.

4.Decorate your own Walls

Have you ever considered decorating your walls? Why don’t you get yourself some wall stickers and then start decorate them as you like, do not limit your imagination do as you’d like and make some creation that will make a great decoration and make your wall look beautiful.

5.Decorate your Clock Frame

It’s easy to decorate your clock frame, you can put  some flower imitation on it and then make it looks good and ordered you can also put some colored paper on the frame and then make it looks good.

6.Sew your picture

Do you have many time to spare? Why don’t you try to sew something, you can use a unused jeans or a unused fabric to do the patterns make some great patterns on the fabric so it will turn out great , once your done stick it into  a peace of wood and nail it into the wall or you can get a cardboard, put a magnet on it and stick it onto the wall.

7.Photo Frame from Matches

This is a really easy DIY you’ll need a glue, a cardboard and some matches, first get your cardboard and cover them with coloured paper and then stick your picture right in the center of it and then put matches surrounding the picture frame, to make it stand cut two more pieces of cardboard and put them on the upper corner of the photo frame.

8.Spoon lamp

This DIY will take a lot of your time, first get yourself a bottle and then break the front of the plastic spoon and then stick them in the right order, you can also paint the spoon with a spray so it will become even more beautifull, and then get the lamp into the bottle and hang it on the ceilings

9.Colored Shoes with Highlighters

First get your self a white shoes make sure it was a leather shoes and then get some different coloured highlighters and try to make anything that you want ,after you are done let it dry and your shoes  are ready to wear

10. Socks Doll

First get a unused socks and then fill the socks with stuffing, after it was filled sew the bottom of the socks the stuffing doesn’t go out of the socks, after that get a black colored marker and pain the eye of the socks, and then get some colored marker and create something on the socks that wil make it better.