10 Interesting Decorating Ideas For High Ceilings

3:54 AM

Do you have a house with a high ceilings and want to make some decoration for the ceilings? we have some tips on how to make your house looks beautifull even thought it have some high ceilings with this tips your house will be even more great even with those high ceilings.

1. Put A Lamp or Chandelier

Isn’t it great when you have a high ceilings and you hang some lamp or chandelier on it? Not only it will make the room beautifull, it will also provide the room with lights and  fill in those empty spaces, search for the perfect lamp for your room, it does’t have to be big just find some that will fit on your room and don’t put too many of them, because it will make the ceilings rowdy

2. Put Some Windows on the Upperside of your Room

This kind of things are great if you want to get some light on your house, you can put some windows on the upperside of your house so you’ll get some sunlight in the morning, it will save energy and it will also make the house even more brighter it will also fill those empty space on your ceilings, try to make the windows frame look beautifull with some colours or patterns.

3. Make some Storage on your Room

You can put some drawer on the side of your room so it will fill those empty spaces and provide you more storage especially if you have a high ceiled kitchen, it would be a great place to put you spices and other things on it, you can also make it look beautifull by putting some colours on it, a perfect combination between the room and the stuff on it will be great.

4. Put Some Paintings

To fill those spaces on the walls you can put some paintings or maybe your family picture, it will make your room beautifull and fill a lot of those empty space just make sure you don’t put those pictures too high because it will be hard to be seen and make sure that you have some space between your paintings or pictures so it will not be seen to be rowdy.

5. Clocks

The clocks are great thing if you put them on the walls, it will be very usefull for decoration and also to see time, you can put a bigger clock to fill the space, just make sure that the clock are easy to be seen so everybody can see at the time.

6. Maintain the Balance of your Room

Remember too when you’re decorating your room that you have to maintain those balance on your house, don’t put too much stuff on the one side of the room because it will make the other side looks emptier.

7. Put Some Curtains

This is one of the great way to decorate your room if you have some windows, it can make the room looks beautifull, you just need to find the perfect curtains for your room and windows , try to get some curtains that will make a perfect combination with your wall and ceilings because the combination will make your room looks beautifull.

8.Put Some Shelf

You can put some shelf on the side of your house so you can put some things on it, you can put some photo frame,your trophy or maybe other things, if you put these shelf on the kitchen, you can put the spices on it.

9. Put Some Tiles on your Ceilings

The tiles on your ceilings will make your room looks even more beautifull, find the perfect tiles on your room, you can make it elegant, or maybe classical, find the tiles that you desire so it will fit in to your room if you want to be natural, you can put some stone patern tiles for your ceilings so it will became beautifull.

10.Paint Your Wall

To make your room looks beautifull you can pain those wall, or maybe you can put on some wallpapers, try some bright colors like white because it will fit in a high ceilings room, you can also make it looks natural by using some wooden wallpapers on your wall.

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