10 Kitchen Lightening Tips For An Impact ful Kitchen

Do you enjoy working on the kitchen?of course there’s always some acitivities eveyday on the kitchen and to lighten you work on the kitchen, we have some tips to help you, this tips will reduce the mess in your kitchen and maybe make your kitchen work easier.

Put your Spice in the Right Places

Remember to put your stuff on the right places, put your spices in a closed places, don’t put them in a opened place and don’t put them near hot things, it will make the spices lost their flavors, and remember that you should put your fruits in the right place, not all of the fruits putted in the fridge, put especially watery fruit in the fridge.

Always Organize your Tools

In cooking you will need preparation so prepare your things before you’re going to cook, if you need to, you can make a list of things that you’ll need and put them in a place where you can easily find them so you will not need to search for them while you’re cooking remember to prepare the ingredient too make sure you have all of the ingredients before you start cooking.

Find the Instruction

If you want to make something try to find the instruction for it and remember too follow the instruction nicely except you have some experience in those kind of dishes then you can do something to  make your dishes even better but if you’re experienced don’t try something that’s out of the instruction because maybe it will not become something according to your plan .

Don’t Throw Away the Leftover

Don’t throw away all of the food if there’s still a lot of leftover, for example  if you have some leftover of soup you can put them on the fridge and re-heat it tomorrow, just remember not to put it for too long in the fridge or it will be rotten you can do this to sauces too, you can make the sauces into some ice cubes and re-heat it for uses

Open your Jar Easier

Here’s a tip to open your jar easier, instead of trying too hard and hurt your hand, you can get a rubber, put it on the jar lid and open it,you can also use rubber gloves.

Remember to Clean it up

Always remember to clean up your stuff after cooking, don’t just let it in your sink for too long it will not smell good and attract cockroach or rat, and remember to throw away your trash from cooking , if you have a filterer on your sink, remember to clean it gradually and put it on back, if you forgot to put it back your sink will be clogged.

Remember to Use Stuff in the Storage

Remember too use your things in which you store in the storage or maybe the fridge, look at the expired date if the expired is getting closer, use it and don’t throw it away, but if the expired date has passed, do not use it and throw it away, buy a new one if you need to .

Always look for a New Recipe

Find yourself some new recipe every time, you can invent them yourself or maybe search for it on the internet or books, remember if you found new recipe, just follow the instruction because it’s your first time doing the dish.

Know How to Handle your Things

Always find things that will help you handle your things in the kitchen, for example you can peel off the garlic easily by putting a cloves of the garlic under your knife and then smash the side of the knife then you can peel of the garlic cloves easily.

Don’t Give up on Something

If you failed on a dishes, don’t give up, cooking is all about experience if you’re experienced enough you can do it easily, you can also ask other people for advice on cooking, and don’t be too lazy to do something about your cooking skills because of course it will effect yourself in the future get yourself a motivation to do it again and again until you succeed.