5 Best Themes For Your Dinning Areas

9:28 AM

We all love the delicious and filling food. Especially if the food we can enjoy in a place to eat with a unique decoration. Eating in places that present unique decor is the most powerful way to avoid dull routines while making the heart happy. Maybe these cool eating places can be an option.

We recommend 5 places to eat with unique themes and decorations that you need to try. From the prison themed to the jungle-themed ones all exist! Here you can stay away from the noise of the big city to relax for a few hours. One thing is certain. We know. Solid and everything is moving fast. If you want to find a more 'slow' place to relax for a moment.The whole atmosphere here is ready to pamper your relaxing time.Some loved him, some did not like him either.

In some other articles on unique themed dining venues, you will surely also find Hello Kitty's place to eat. This one is not much different.Surely you do not want to miss this Hello Kitty eating place.Starting from the typical Hello Kitty wooden seats to the large Hello Kitty statues and all the Hello Kitty ornaments.Of course you have to take a lot of pictures there yes. Anyway, we wait for the photos to overwhelm your Instagram feed.

1. The Sensation of Eating at Hobbit's Home

This super-unique dining place takes you into the fantasy world of J.R.R. Tolkien.Here you can feel what it's like to be a Hobbit.To make it even more fun, do not forget to bring some of your LOTR-themed property to your photos with this unique background!

2. Eat a Prisoner in Prison

Surely most of us have never felt the experience in prison before (hopefully never will).But for you who want to try something else, or happen to be crazy about Prison Break series. While enjoying the food, please take a picture while you 'in jail'. When else can you try to be behind the iron bars? (Do not try to be imprisoned, yes!)

3. Enjoy a Delicious Meal in the Middle of the Wilderness

Pull the chair. A place to eat that comes with the feel of tropical forests is absolutely nothing to do with the famous luxury brand.The theme of the beautiful rain forest that they present to accompany you to dine there seems to invite for a short escape from the jungle of the capital's concrete.

4. Exciting Games for the Young at Heart

This so lively and colorful place resembles an indoor strawberry garden, complete with vines and strawberries everywhere. This dining place is designed with a strawberry theme, but that's not all that makes it unique and special. Exclamation is not it?

5. Enjoying a Peaceful Lakeside Village Atmosphere

You need a quiet and quiet atmosphere?A typical Sundanese dining place that carries the concept of a place to rest by the lake.So, no doubt about the freshness!We are sure!

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