5 Clever Ideas For Home Offices

9:38 AM

For those who watch the movie Marvel, must know the scene in the movie Iron Man where Tony Stark who can chat with his system called Jarvis to perform various activities for him. Jarvis can help Tony Stark for simple things like getting a glass to extinguish the fire.

1. Controlling Lamp With Hand Flap

We can turn off the lights and turn on the lights just by clapping using a tool called The Clapper. This tool responds to input in the form of sound and transform information into a trigger to be able to turn on or turn off the lights. So if we wake up, just clap hands lights already flame. Continue if you want to ninggalin room or want to sleep, live applause again to turn off the lights.

2. Controlling Electronic Devices With Finger Pointing

If we had to applause to light a lamp, if now could be much more intuitive again. We just need to point our fingers to the electronic devices that want to be controlled, then automatically the electronic device will immediately turn on / off. We do not have to move from the position we sit to light the lights, turn on the television, close the window curtain, to open the door for our friends who come to the house.

3. Changing Home Offices Lock With Smartphone

This seems to me the most useful technology for me, which is changing the Lock with Smartphone. Why? There are two major problems I often encounter related to keys. First, I like to miss keys whether the home offices keys are behind in the office or vice versa. The second, I like to forget already lock the door or not yet fit in the way. Well bother it if something like that happens. Not only that, when we are already on the road we can still access the key.

4. Set the Lighting at Home Office Mood Suit

He is an innovation that combines LED lights with technology. All the lights in our homes we can connect with a bridge that will be a liaison with the application on our device. Through the application, we can control the intensity of light, turn off and turn on the lights, and control it in accordance with our desires. In fact we can set the timer and make light settings like what we want.

Additionally, I am actually preparing to post about IFTTT (If This Than That), but since again discussing this sophisticated light, with the application we can set our lights if suppose there are important email or other notification. Suppose I set each email associated with the incoming bill to my inbox, my work light becomes red.

5. Home Offices Cleaning Robot

I think if you have all four robots at home, you can spend more time with your family and do more productive activities (when you say lazy clean up). Maybe in the future could it be added robot to wash the car, make cooking, to make the cockroach out at home.

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