5 Creative Way To Decorate A Nightstand For The Guest Room

A guest room is one of the places that often become a room or a favorite place of the guest. Because the function is quite important, it is very important also to organize the room to be as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition, the guest room is also a place where the guest can be yourself and it can be seen from the decoration of his bedroom. Believe it or not, we can see the guest personality from the decor or the contents of his room.If the guest room is full of paintings, or works of art and arranged as interestingly as possible then certainly the guest is an art lover. If the guest room you see is arranged neatly, simply, it can be ascertained that the guest is a regular person, and a lover of cleanliness. And, if your guest room turns out to be messy and disorganized, then surely you are a dirty person, lazy and do not like tidiness.

1. Consider the Number of Empty Land

Indeed, the most ideal place to put a painting is the living room, but you are also not prohibited if you want to place it in the guest room. Pick a painting based on the space available on the wall. Do not place paintings that can fill the wall, but do not also choose paintings that are too small.

2. Price

Do not assume that putting the artwork at home means more cost. Perhaps you are thinking of displaying paintings by great artists who are very expensive. But art objects should not always be associated with expensive prices, you can also choose something cheaper but still can create a unique impression that is unique in the guest room. Not necessarily the original painting, you can put the paintings of your favorite artists in print.

3. Choose The Owned Impressions

Remember, artwork is something very personal, depending on the taste of each individual. So do not just choose a picture just because the color matches the color of the walls or curtains of your guest room. Choose something that has its own impression and meaning for you. Something that evokes the mood or makes you calm and comfortable while at home. Try looking for objects that you will save up to tens of years later. You have to choose a piece of art that you love and love also other family members.

4. Customize With Home Setup

Customize the art objects of your choice with the theme of guest room arrangement. If you carry ethnic decorations with traditional carpet statues and motifs, choose also similarly themed wall hangings. While abstract painting, would be more suitable placed in the retro-minimalist style guest rooms.

5. Ask for Interior Design Services

If necessary, ask the artist or interior designer to provide some tips. You can tell them about what kind of guest room decorations you have to help them provide appropriate advice. They can also help choose the artwork and how to arrange it in your guest room.

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