5 Cute Ideas For Repurposing Wine Corks

Imagine you are enjoying a picnic with your loved one, complete with bread, cheese, a bottle of wine, but forgot to bring the opening tool ? No problem. There are many simple ways to unplug the wine bottle so you can enjoy it. From pulling bottle stoppers using household appliances, to pushing them in, or even using shoes, you can enjoy wine without having to open it with tools. Probably the simplest way is to push the plugs in, as long as the flakes are not a problem for you. Knives can also be used to open wine bottles without having to put anything into them.

1. Pushing the Stoppers Into The Bottle

Look for blunt ends.The tip of this object should be smaller than the bottle plug as long as it does not puncture, damage, gouge, or break it. The tip of a regular pen or tidbits (including also Stabilo) may be suitable for use. You may also use long cylindrical bars such as lip moisturizers or small-sized knife sharpener. Carabiner can also be used. Put a bottle on the floor or a stable surface. Place the object on a bottle stopper. Press the bottle plug inside.This is a pretty good way, but there may be a bottle of bottle in your drink. The area around the bottle (including your clothes) should be protected from blemishes as it may be subject to a splash of wine.

2.Using Knives

Prepare a folding knife or a fruit knife. Be careful while using a knife. Do not get yourself hurt. Put the blade into the bottle plug. Rotate the blade to the right and left to eject the bottle plug slowly. Punch the bottle plug with the blade. Instead, hold the bottle neck just under the knife with your other hand while pressing the bottle stop from the side.

3.Using Shoes

Open the protective bottle of wine bottle. Put the wine bottle in the shoe mouth. Holding the wine bottle, throw the shoe back against the wall slowly. If you are enjoying a picnic and can not find the wall around, try to blast your shoes to a pole or tree. If there are no shoes that can hold a bottle of wine, you may wrap a towel or place a book underneath it before banging it. Remove the bottle plug.

4.Using Screws

Prepare screws and pliers. Turn the screws into the bottle plug. Rotate the screw slowly so that the bottle stop does not split into small pieces. Pull the screws with pliers. Pull the screws with a corn cob holder. Be sure to use a corncob poke with a side of the clip smaller than the tip of the screw. Use a bicycle hanger instead of a screw.

5.Using Hangers


Straighten the wire hangers. The shape of the tip of the wire becomes a small hook. Tuck this wire between the plug and the bottle wall. Rotate the wire 90 degrees. Remove the bottle plug. Use a hanger as a corkscrew opener.

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