Things to See and Do in Australian wildlife

There is so many animals around the world. One of them is Australia, Australia have unique animals I will tell you what animals that Australia have.


Kangaroo is unique animals, it is mammals, they have pockets in their stomach to put their child, they walk by jumping. Kangaroo is an iconic animals in Australia

2.Dingo ( wild dog)

Dingo already hard to find in forest because they endangered position but they still can find in southeast Australia, North Queensland, Tasmania.


Koala is iconic animals to in Australia but so many people koala is Australia teddy bear because their shape is like a bear and it have pocket like kangaroo in different model

4.Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devil shape like a dog but Tasmanian is very smelly when they afraid, is very arrogant when they watch their child, and they scream very loud. They are carnivore.


Deer is good animal and they have horn their head. It mammals and carnivore

That is all top 5 animals that iconic to Australia but I wanna tell you Australia not only have unique animals but they have unique architecture

Opera House

Many people go to Australia to visit Opera House. The architecture is very unique. It like a clams, and there is a show in night weekends. Many of collage student work for their project to got some money.

The Exhibition Titanic

The exhibition titanic is place where there is have a replica of the real of Titanic ship. I know all of you already ever what titanic movie because the very phenomenal accident. And the exhibition titanic is like a museum


There is so many unique animals and very fantastic animals you can found in their

Let’s explore Australia cause Australia is big country that you never enough to explore. In different country they have they own unique, like their animals, culture, architecture and their food. Don’t close your eyes in one place because there is still many place waiting for you to explore