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Remember the hometown of Hercules? You’re right; this is the same place we’re talking about. I know you might be wondering that how can a famous country like this be cheap? Well, the Greek economy had some ups and downs lately and is still struggling. We pray for them. But in the mean time, we travelers got ourselves a place for our holidays.

Greece is a very beautiful country with one of the most breathtaking landscapes. Above that, it has a beach where you can lay down and enjoy. You can visit the famous ‘Santorini or Mykonos’ islands there or if you want silence and peace and just want to enjoy the nature around you, you can visit ‘Paros or Skiathos’.

If you want to travel in Greece, which we recommend you do, you just HAVE to visit the Athens. It is the heart and soul of Greece and also the capital. The beauty of Athens is incomparable to any city in the world. The city still contains the marks and remnants of the people that lived in the 5th Century. The most popular of them is Acropolis. In Greece, you can stay in any 5-star restaurant for affordable prices. You can plan a day trip and stay at different hotels like 360 Degrees or Pirofani. You can have a full view of Acropolis from 360 Degrees hotel.

If you want to know about the historical places, you can also hire a tour guide who will tell you all the tales of Gods and Goddesses, Athens, Acropolis etc. Greece is one of the most ancient countries in the world. So pack your luggage and go. Don’t forget to let us know how your trip went.