Importance of Educational Tours in Student's Life

8:01 PM

Travelling become an important part of our life in this modern era, as, it helps us in many ways.For instance,with the help of travelling we can refresh our mind and students can learn more while travelling.Nowadays, travelling has become easier with the inventions of railways,airplanes and motor vehicles and so on.Earlier it was risky,as, there was very few facilities for travelling.
Moving from one place to another is known as travelling.Many schools organised educational trips so that students can learn better by observing them in reality rather than learning it from books.It is both entertaining and instructing for them.Travelling not only make children smarter but also make them self-reliant.With the help of travelling, students can also enhance their communication skills. Moreover,travelling removes narrowness and superstitions.

In India,there are many places for travelling, especially for youths.India is known for its historical as well as for its diverse culture.If students start travelling to some historical place then they will always remain in touch with their culture and tradition.Besides this,if they are given a chance to visit some places like Jallian Wala Bagh which is located in Sri Amritsar Sahib,they come to know about the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters to gain independence and they will realize that fredom is not free.

In last,travelling is a part of learning , moreover, it become easy for students to travel and learn anything easily.

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