How to Choose a Payroll Service ?

We have discussed many reasons why a business should outsource its payroll preparation to an external firm. However, one important question that must be asked is: how does a business choose an external firm to prepare its payroll with the aim to maximized all the benefit of outsourcing payroll?

What are the factors to be considered to maximize the benefits of a payroll service?

1. A payroll service must have a good reputation.

For any financial service, a good reputation is very important. Is the firm a new firm in payroll service? Is your business the first to be taken on by the firm for payroll services? If it has taken on other companies, you need to know which companies it had offered payroll service to. The firm which has consistently offered payroll services to bigger businesses than yours will have no problem in preparing a payroll for your business.

2. What is the cost of the firm’s payroll service?

For a business owner or business manager, the cost of outsourcing payroll must be justified in the increased efficiency of the business. Will the cost of outsourcing payroll be cheaper for the business in the short term? And most importantly, will it be cheaper in the long term than preparing the payroll internally?

A payroll service must be chosen carefully so that it is cost effective for the business using it.

3. A payroll service must have a strong and attentive customer care.

A business would do well to choose a payroll service that encourages adequate feed backs to her clients. This is important as the business can build a strong relationship with the payroll service through a strong line of communication between a two parties.

There are new improvements everyday and many practices that use to be sacrosanct in business have been analyzed over the years. Some of these practices have been found to drag businesses backwards. One of these practices is internal preparation of payroll.

Outsourcing payroll has been found to reduce human cost, save time, and to reduce the operating cost of a business. Most importantly, it ensures employees are paid effectively making for a happy work force. Good for business right?