10 Unexpected Lead Sources for B2B Marketers

B2B marketing strategies and sales cycles can be awkward and confusing at the same time. As opposed to classic B2C and eCommerce campaigns, individualizing your brand in the B2B space takes patience. The B2B customer's voyage is a long and twisting street. First, let us take into account the factors that would increase the probability to convince you and your B2B customer to take interest in your business. 

1. Motivation: 

What would it mean for your business to generate more leads? Whether its increase in the sales or collaborating and networking with other businesses and organizations.

2. Intuitiveness:  

Can you foresee what your customers are looking for on your website, social media page or landing page? By segmenting leads and putting them in separate buckets, would boost your sales by 90% and average order value by 60%.

3. Incentives: 

Changing the outcome of the contact forms on your website to give away some benefits (eg: A free trial of your product or service or a proposal) can make a substantial and worthwhile increase in the leads.

4. Interactiveness: 

Interactiveness of the content on the various channel - website, social media page - (facebook and linked in business pages), landing pages, mobile apps would increase the possibility of the user to be converted to a quality lead.

Be it B2B or B2C, your business is just on a par with the leads you produce, so discovering exquisite leads ought to be your first need. Here are a couple of compelling, lesser-known lead generation procedures.

1. Focus on the traffic funnel: 

If your website already has traffic, you need not worry; otherwise, you may have to focus on increasing the traffic using various techniques - SEO - Search Engine Optimization and SMO - Social Media Marketing, PPC- Pay Per Click, Backlink Generation etc.

2. Social Media Business Pages: 

Having your social media pages hosted on various platforms like Facebook, Linked-in, Pinterest would be great lead generation channel for start-ups as well as renowned businesses. Various business events can also be hosted to generate more leads and meet new entrepreneurs and business heads.

3. Multi-level contact forms: 

Older and outdated long single forms can make you lose leads. Preferably, you should go for multi-level contact forms starting with lesser friction queries. Asking the user to input email and contact details right away creates a lot of friction is consumers mind, so start with asking more relevant queries regarding the products and service needs of the customer and towards the end, you may put it the queries for contact details. Leadformly is a great online tool for creating multi-level contact forms with research on various aspects of B2B sales cycle.

4. Website integration with Facebook Business Page: 

Having the customer interact directly to your business page from your website make the user take your business website more seriously than just thinking of it as some website with no connections to follow. 

5. Surveys and Quizzes: 

Again multilevel surveys, polls and quizzes can increase in quality leads to your business. SurveyMonkey is one such site you can look up for creating surveys, polls, and quizzes for your customers.

6. Video Mashups with Call to action: 

Videos make the customer stay more on the page, giving a lot of information in lesser time and with better user experience. Having a Call to action at the end would also make the leads to come to the desired location where you have hosted more information like product and service catalog for your business. Biteable is a great tool to create great explainer videos for your business. This approach would be beneficial for both B2B and B2C businesses

7. On website customer care live chat: 

Having a customer support setup on your website can make you catch leads on the go.

8. Bulk SMS and Whatsapp campaigns: 

SMS and WhatsApp messaging campaigns can increase sales lead by a great ratio. Sending over the links to the landing pages, surveys, and quizzes over to various potential customers can be beneficial.

9. Well-structured Newsletter campaigns including product catalog and business explainer videos can also have a great effect on quality lead generation.

10. Push Messaging -

Finally push messaging or web notifications are a great way to make the customers and companies aware of your products and services. Pushbullet is an online push messaging service that can be integrated with your website and give you a head start.

I hope this article would enlighten you with new and innovative techniques to increase the leads in your B2B business.

Thanks To Author: Sakeat Gandotra

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